Canadain Grown Cannabis Water Activity

This is a video that took 1 year to make… The first year of legal cannabis in Canada was a test for everyone… In this video we test the water activity, lets see who …


  1. You know wat i like about u john ur old school grower just like to show he grow and talk about cannabis and not stand there cap in hand begging for patreon money like all the new bees merry Xmas j.b

  2. Am I allowed to ask you if you have ever heard of Mantis Buffered Nutrients which is Canadian, and government approved for medical, also you don’t have to flush, no PH, no R O and you can finish 2 weeks earlier? It seems so simple with one product from seed to harvest would take allot of work out of your hands. I know it’s new, but would like to know your opinion if you would look into it for us.
    Sincerely wheelchair weed growers.

  3. This is great cause my general concern for the government marijuana their losing out on money and we aint getting fresh enough urb its sad maybe they shouldnt bottle them so late before getting into the stores or before they ship their orders ive been getting a few strains so far have only liked 2 or 3 strains that are pretty good that would be Jean Guy from Canaca , Cove Rest, and the MOONBEAM from LBS

  4. great video!!!!Down in southern oregon weed is very dry in the dispensary's and terpless . People seem to not have a problem with it thus why standards are so low . But love the info in the video very interesting. i hate buying weed from the dispensary because they cant keep none of the product fresh . Im glad you're out here helping raise the standards !!!! thank you

  5. Jhon' s tip of the day throw it away when it gets hard and get a new one ???. thank you for sharing grate information please let me no when your medi kush seeds are redy for putting out we Deffo need to experience some of the medi kush in the UK…

  6. hey john. gotta admit this is a pretty dry no pun intended! so what everyone has been saying for the last year is proven i guess. govt weed is shit. can you please show us what happened with your attempt at making feminized pollen. it was pretty cool because i was trying at the same time. i saw the first vid when you sprayed it with colloidal silver and then that seemed to be it. no follow up. mine didnt work. pods opened and nothing came out. did yours work ? no offence but i think alot of us would be more interested in learning something like that rather than govt weed is dry. please post more info on this. thanks

  7. ?️?&?wish video was shorter probably missed a lot. But since live resin curing is over rated.fresh flower taste better than dried with wonder black market is strong in Canada $108 for an 8th. Not sure if the price is laughable or the fact you a educated grower spent must pay well.ty for sharing.

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