1. Hi Dan, try and see " Woman at war "(absurd Icelandic black humour, priceless!) if you haven't seen it yet…Oh and just one recommendation/question do you ever chart Marimed (MRMD : ) ? Undervalued and under the radar, unfortunately, but one of my hidden gems since last January.

  2. Thanks again DanTheMan. Still learning lots and gaining confidence. Here is my attempt(Others please chime in ) eve.vn(eve and Co incorporated) has a tightening equilibrium on the daily Time Frame.S .30 R.33. Weekly still hasn't changed the bear trend? Am I on the right path?

  3. Thanks Dan ! Thanks for the knowledge you have helped have changed my trading style & now I am in the green ! From one farmer to another two green thumbs up! You should come to the kootenays and check us out ! I bet you would love it out here!

  4. Hey Dan, clear info as usual. Like the rundown approach too as recap. Since interest is quite high on both sides of the border atm and you're doing both US and CAN videos, ideally you'd use CAN tickers all the way on that one and US tickers on your other video. I understand this is kind of double work for you, and that ticker choice is based on dollar volume, but would also be more consistent and take into account closed days and after hours action which differ on those exchanges. Just my 2 cents, great work in any case!

  5. Thank you very much! What a fantastic recap and food for thought. I really appreciate you sharing. Again, the ending quick run through is always nice. I watched many sections multiple times tonight. Probably spent an hour in total, going back over material and trying to learn and take notes and look up concepts/definitions.
    You rock!
    Might I suggest that for the Canadian weekly roundup that you use or take a quick peek at the Canadian tickers when going over the big names? I felt there were a lot of times I had to convert to CAD$. Or times when I wasn't sure which ticker you were referencing for numbers (ie. here CRON is US$, APHA is CAD$ – and I can see the benefit of looking at either). Maybe looking at WEED.TO instead of CGC? I know you've done this in the past and I really appreciate it. Even if you peek at these just for a sec to draw parallels. I'm assuming you are appealing to your largest base, so just take it as a thought.

  6. Thanks Dan for keeping your brain clean and your analysis clear! I rode most of CGC's up and will wait for SPY to retrace and reload. Another great post-vid vid! Amazing erosion grooves. Thanks ?

  7. i love this guy so much. So uplifting , positive. Always has words of kindness and motivation.
    even if the market is doing bad, or your portfolio. I always finish watching these videos in a happier mood than when I started.

    Thank you my good friend.

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