1. Unless they go to ZERO
    Acb is finished..no capital
    Canopy…what if constellation bails

    There is no growth..no capital….no profits….

    These are going down and staying down….there is NO FUEL FOR THIS MARKET…UR COMPETING AGAINST black market as well….imagine if APPLE had to deal with a black market atbthe level of 50 pts

  2. The smart money is shaking the tree really hard this time.But trees almost always regrow there fruit. I think exponential is connected with a paradigm shift perhaps a banking sector realignment..

  3. One problem is, no reason to buy. Few companies showing profit and not enough positive news. Why buy weed stocks when so many others skyrocketing today? Let's hope APHA earnings turn the tide. If not, more downside.

  4. High executive turnover, badly run companies, bleak forward guidance, inability to accurately forecast earnings/losses, miscalculations about the impact the illegal market still has on the sector…just a few factors that suddenly are center stage in this sector..everyone turned a blind eye to the many risks the MJ industry faced. Investors now are getting reluctant to just throw money at these companies…this is just getting started.

  5. Thanks for the Video Dan. Always grateful. There is more to the story than just shorts I think. The down action is being coupled with timed news releases and timed with general market upswings on good news. We are getting an orchestra here aiming at creating not only fear but despair, frustration and forced capitulation in the entire sector in North America. Big macro moves not simply shorts. This applies I think when sector was moving up as well. That is the business we are in. No complaints. Feels better shooting off some steam. LOL.

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