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What is in cannabis ? What is CBD? Where does CBD come from? CBD for pain, gut issues, immune system, mental health, skin problesm What is the …


  1. Great info! I have a theory that I haven’t seen anywhere. Many plant defense mechanisms are based on mimicking compounds found in the animal or insect that would try to eat it. Phytoestrogens are the beat example. They are there to “ damage the reproductive ability of the animal”. Some alter DNA so are mutagenic. There is thy pic of an ant born with three heads. Plants are not messing around when it comes to warfare. It struck me that all the terrible scourges of addictions are “plant based”. We have opiates mimicking our endorphins to lock in with that system. We have Nicotine that the body takes to be niacin and it mucks up those many pathways. (It is so similar to Niacin, that Niacin was originally called nicotinic Acid. ) and alcohol is yet another plant based addiction. Are plants trying to addict us in order that we plant more of them? According to the documentary, Botany of Desire, (Prime) this is not to far fetched. Now we see that we have a canaboid system in the body. It seems only logical to say marijuana is mimicking this endogenous chemical and “knows how to get under our skin” and initiate that system, as well. How they can do all this is a great mystery. I’m very distrustful of plants now. I’ve had a significant other become addicted to weed and became full schizophrenic. But was vegan for 6 years in the past. I believe that laid the groundwork, and the self medicating with weed pushed her over the edge. Similar stories are found in the cautionary book about marijuana called “Tell your children”. The author was on Joe Rogan podcast.

  2. Thank you. Clarified some questions I had already.
    Be interested to know health benefits of THC of itself : I already know it can help with pain and sleep – I make an oil solution to help a friend with his chronic arthritis pain which disturbs his sleep badly. He has been told he needs new knee but no, in spite of my massive improvements since going carnivore I am unable to persuade him to change his diet or lose weight to help with the inflamation/pain.
    However, since it is all that is available to me on the black market what I use to make the oil is high in THC, which does sooth his pain allowing him better sleep, but he is not fond of the psychoactive element. Fair enough, but he finds that oils legally available are too weak to either relieve pain or support better sleep while he waits for his knee operation, which in Britain could mean a wait of a couple of years or more.
    I'm curious to know if there is anything I can do to reduce the psychoactive effects whilst retaining pain relief and sleep benefits ?
    I continue to bang on about carnivory – my arthritis is simply gone btw – but he just gives me his Les Dawson (Ada) face and derails me with malopropisms.

  3. Hello, sarah, thank you for the great presentation. Would you need a prescription for this? If not, about how much is the cost? I see CBD oil signs in the smoke shops . That wouldn’t strike me as a high quality oil.

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