Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast Episode 1: Introduction

This is an introduction to the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast, with a bit of background into the theories and methodologies we will cover with future …


  1. Great job, just found your channel while been stumbling on different light spectrums benefits. That was a great podcast with fluence guys, even tho, my mind wanted more specifical information, but need to understand that those guys put bunch of time and work into theyr studies. Starting your channel from the begining, you put a huge job here. Big respect and thank you!

  2. I'm wondering how labor intensive Re amending your soil would be, as it 'sounds efficient and healthy for everything. It seems like recycling which falls under composting your soil would require a decent amount of labor? Where as hydroponics is efficient in the way that there is hardly any labor.

  3. Oh man Tad, you've outdone yourself, these interviews are great, Tim, Steve, and Jeff right out of the box, WOW. (don't know David, but looking forward to the interview).. These are the guys I learned the most from, all you need is Coot and you've completed me, lol. … Keep 'em coming Tad.

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