Cannabis News – A Contrary Opinion | Ep. 419 | 06-13-2019

Joe Klare discusses a new legalization poll in New York, Nevada banning employers from not hiring cannabis users and an interesting court ruling in California.



    What any one does on there personal time is none of your business you should not be allowed to tell some one what they can do on there personal time learly a violations of your personal and constitutional rights what you do off the clock and just because it is in there blood system does not mean they are under the influence you need to mind your own business if they are not on the clock. #Norml#Jobs #Cannabis #Marijuana #Employment #workplace if not I would hire a lawyer and take action you must protect your personal rights. No job or otherwise can tell you that off the clock you can not do something.
    Just because Thc is found in the blood or body does not mean some one is under the influence know and protect your rights!

  2. The biggest problem with California is that their SHIT everywhere and homeless people and they have to worry about that that's retarded California is retarded these liberals literally turn San Francisco into San FranSHITHOLE and they're worried about if an inmate gets stoned and might have a little bit of pleasure while they're in pain and I f*** up criminal system that is so repulsive on so many asinine level wow they literally have lost their mind what the hell is wrong with California oh yeah libtards

  3. They can possess it but not consume it that's just a really weird form of torture that's f*** up on a lot of different levels that is so asinine and bass-ackwards I can't even believe it I had a rewind this video and hear that a kid that is so f**** retarded wow

  4. Happy episode 420 Eve here's an idea what you can do with that episode as well is to show how much cannabis has changed the landscape of medicine and healing different medical diseases that nothing else can help like seizures and epilepsy and all kinds of different elements that this plant has helped billions of people over thousands of years it is a medicine that's always been with humanity and always will be with Humanity there is validity to what we say about this plant that's why everyone fight so hard for it it is one of the greatest plant medicines that has ever existed peace out have a great day

  5. Cannabis is a medicine and as long as everyone has been fighting for this medicine to become legal we will always keep fighting for cannabis legalization and we will show the world that it is not an impairing drug but it actually heightens your senses and helps the human body in many multiple functions of the body look up the Cannabis documentary The Scientist it's on YouTube it will show you how much the human body needs this plant we actually should all be eating cannabis seeds like we eat sunflower seeds because cannabis seeds have all of the amino acids that the human body needs the only reason why cannabis is illegal and everything seems to fight its legalization is because of Corporations and pharmaceutical interest that shouldn't cut into their profits this world's biggest problem is profit over people good job Joe peace out have a great day

  6. The demon rats in New York are so ass-backwards they don't care about Justice they care about money and cannabis is a way for all these evil vampiric vampires can suck off everybody's livelihood through fines and arrests in jail time it's repulsive screw there fake Solstice Justice Warrior crap it's all a fraud and a facade legalizing cannabis is not good for the Democrats because it takes all these people off their Plantation it's repulsive on so many levels peace out have a great day

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