Cannabis News – Cannabis Industry Job Openings Surge | Ep. 336 | 02-18-2019

Joe Klare discusses drug testing in New York City, medical marijuana in Missouri and the demand for cannabis employees. 2-18-19 – Ep. 336 | The Marijuana …


  1. I heard In Washington State you can test positive for weed on a job screening but the employer can tell you if you test positive again then your fired. This is how I heard it is handled.
    Of course some jobs it 0 tolerance.
    I never have agreed with drug testing.

  2. MT is a corporate cannabis cheerleader. Totally uncritical. Total sellouts. The prices for weed at dispensaries are complete BS — who could possibly afford them on a regular basis? — and the state is creaming off all of that. You are just cutting in the criminals on an industry that they did NOT build, don't understand, are rushing to f*ck up in every way possible. Everyone has the right to grow their own. No state or locality has the right to restrict growing a plant. Decriminalization, NOT legalization. Joe Klare, you need a clue bad. Listen to some Rick Simpson.

  3. people should study the constitution article 6 clause 2 says that all laws made. by the gov. sub. to treatys are the supream law of the land some or most of the natives have a right to cultavate any thing in demand thats right its. a RIGHT! given to us by. us in the. treatys we signed an its pretty sad when our own tribal gov.doin the same thing as the invading takin our rights away a right to cultavate animal husbandry thats right ranching cows chickens tutonka or bufalo when the gov says you have the right to posses sale or grow on res land. stupid you shoulda taken the ball an ran with it no more poverty woulda been game over leavin you rich like colarado's people but no sad you have more rights than you think study the treatys get edgucated treatys rock people a world of knowledge an freedom from the four fathers the were no savages they were hebrews

  4. If my first employer would have tested for weed they would’ve only had 2 people working there. Everyone did their job and went home they would never test for alcohol so why test for pot.

  5. Anything new happening in the Pennsylvania area? I've been inquiring about if I qualify in PA for my scoliosis since its a condition that causes chronic pain, but I'm not yet sure if I qualify since its chronic pain specifically that is listed, and I'm not yet sure if my diagnosis of scoliosis alone will be enough. I'll be finding out this week though, but until then does anyone have any predictions?

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