Cannabis News – The 12% | Ep. 591 | 02-10-2020

Joe Klare discusses a cannabis law reform poll out of Kentucky, Gallup’s look at the percentage of U.S. adults that use marijuana and NORML’s Governor …


  1. Hey, just wanted to say it's awesome seeing the channel grow as much as it has! I actually started a leftube channel out of wanting to support Bernie and obviously legalization is a huge part of this fight. Thanks for your work!

  2. That 12 percent I think could be higher because of workplace laws. I work in a warehouse and if I get hurt on the job they will drug test me. Now I would never smoke on the job but it wouldn't matter. If they find thc I will lose my job. I would everyday after work if it wouldn't potentially cost me my job

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  4. Thanks again, Joe. Keep it up, but I hear you. . . It will be a nice day soon when we won't have to keep on talking about cannabis legalization <> BigLove from the shores of Great Lake Superior, Duluth, MN <>

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