Cannabis News – They are Not Your Servants | Ep. 518 | 10-30-2019

Joe Klare discusses California’s adult-use market and the very important opinions of our “representatives” in Wisconsin and Kansas on medical marijuana.


  1. Yea give it to the dammned pharmaceutical companies which in the Scripture is sorcerer and in English gematria sorcerer=666 . it is not the dude selling or giving you pot. Walmart pharmacy 2 languages English and Greek now all English Walmart Sorcerer who would shop there? It's a trick on words

  2. Get rid of the 10,000's of law makers here in the free land. What the passed over 40,000 new laws in 2012 alone, I wonder how many laws america actually has. And they complain over GOD'S 10 COMMANDMENTS. They have so many laws most people break some everyday and never even know it why? We can not keep track of that many laws. You can't know them all so you will break some. So as the fake church teaches you must keep all of mans laws, but you are not under GOD'S but under grace. What idiots

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