Cannabis Stocks & Analysis (Feb 11th, 2020)

In this video we discuss the current state of the MJ Cannabis sector and its related stocks. Join our community of thousands of analysts working together to learn …


  1. Great call yesterday. Too bad I was at work and couldn’t use my phone early enough to get in. ? The bounce had already gone past where I was comfortable making an entry. Damn job always costing me money haha

  2. Dan can you give your opinion on SPCE?
    I have been holding 500 shares with a average buy in at $8.63
    I’m currently holding 5 call options I sold at $20 a call that expires on the 14th.

  3. CGC is in a weekly downtrend again? We held $18.48 support, doesn't that keep the uptrend in tact? We barely held it so I do understand your point of not wanting to be holding something that the bulls are barely hanging on and after a 10% bounce, but technically speaking didn't the bulls save the uptrend?

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