'CBD has the potential to harm you' FDA warns in new report

The FDA says it has approved only one CBD product — a prescription drug to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy.


  1. Full of crap.

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  2. They say this about all supplements cause they want you to take those "safe" drugs they prescribe. I take CBD for neuralgia in my legs, it works I know cause it does and I sleep through the night. Look at the warnings on drugs today most of them are scary to say the least.

  3. What complete bs, the FDA giving warnings? HA! How about the FDA's lack of action to actually do something and actually start regulating it like how they should be instead of having the market continue to explode with products unregulated. The FDA are a laughing stock if all they're doing is a "warning" to the public instead of actually doing something about it.

  4. This all of a sudden right out of the gate. how many decades did it take for the black box warning on opiates(Norco and Oxycontin) and there aggressive addictive properties and destructive nature to be of concern?..wasn't testing that did that it was class action lawsuits and the pharma companies were convicted for having prior knowledge in court for it..haha. did ya catch the part where she said"possibly" could cause liver damage"? translation: so far no matter how hard we try to link that as a concern we cannot but we are trying still . from personal experience with CBD as a psych patient i go with the Harvard and Yale recommendation from 4 years ago after extensive study conclusion statement ; After our findings we don't necessarily recommend replacement of anti psychotics or mood stabilizers but augmentation with CBD in regular psychiatric treatment shows enough positive evidence it warrants further study for improved health of the patient. and a further note..the U.S.National Lab had the same results in 2012. so seems Eli Lilly and Pfizer can pay the FDA enough money to say what ever it wants regardless of the mass of positive findings thus far.

  5. FDA losing money in their frankistien concoctions. So the corrupt media hear no see no speak no agreed to help out the FDA hear no see no speak no out. FDA is currently looking for a way into the cannabis industry. So they work with states in controlling the market. All mafia drama.

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