Chicago City Council's Black Caucus Cries Foul Over Lack Of Diversity In Marijuana Licensing

Chicago City Council’s Black Caucus wants to stop marijuana sales until this summer. At issue according to the Caucus is the economic loss and opportunities …


  1. Chicago is the most segregated city in America not just in housing, also in when it comes to black owned businesses I think someone from Chicago needs to study the Byron Allen playbook, and sue the city, the banks, the state, white companies, and all black organizations that openly, or secretly support discrimination against black chicagoans, and there rights under the 1866 civil rights bill.

  2. I didn't think I would ever see a real life person who embodies the spirit of a Carlton.

    Good grief. In Maryland if you want to bust someone for smoking weed all you have to do is to step on a college campus. I don't care what it's called. Pick one.

    Instead in Maryland the primary areas that were targeted were those of black communities where it's actually harder to find someone violating that law.

    This was intentional. Therefore if that can be intentional then it's possible to be intentional when it comes to equity of black opportunities when it comes to running a business. This is not a hard concept.

  3. White people always take traditionally Black & Brown products & monopolizes them for themselves. Like the avocado industry in California pre-nafta. That's a Mexican product that White people took advantage of. Reaping the profits of a Brown people's product while also having the Brown people do all the actual work. White people unfairly have the capital to invest in these new industries that typically should go to Black/Brown communities.

  4. How do I invest Roland? I'm in Canada and already hold other cannabis stocks would love to be apart of this hemp REITs plan!!!!!! NEED THIS IN MY PORTFOLIO ASP PLZ ????????

  5. No one owes anyone any apologies! Impacted my A$$! If anyone was caught indulging in illicit activities, too bad!! One reason for the arrests: crime and data! Crime and data led police to target areas! During the process of fighting crime, if someone had drugs on them…….DUH!

  6. People in Baltimore county were complaining about this too, it turns out they weren't applying for them, you can't trust the media when they have a financial stake in what they're reporting, like Roland does

  7. Some States that only gives out less than 7 licenses, will only give them to companies or people with large amounts of money in their bank accounts. To put things in perspective the average black person couldn't afford the license. Y'all don't know the half of what's going on in the industry. I don't recommend donating to hemp either because all the hemp this year can't be used anyway. If you didn't sign up for The USDA hemp variety protection program, your crops are useless. A lot of farmer that grew hemp this year lost big time. Some of them took the hemp down and put it in rolled bundles. All of it is moldy and useless, some got destroyed by grasshoppers and some by frost.

  8. Ok..ok…I'm going on a little stretch on this one so please give me a chance. SO, marijuana was illegal and you went to jail. Now its legal and you want an apology and first dibs on license. I totally agree with old boy. Yes we should be at the table when it comes to getting a license to sell or distribute marijuana but to feel we need an apology or be first because we were locked up is crazy. We know this country belongs to these parasites and they make and break the laws. When will we stop asking and start doing ? When will we start supporting our own and protecting our own? The Chinese do it. The Jews do it. The white people do it. But we keep thinking that the laws are for us. Marijuana or not we need to move forward ! I think I was all over the place but on this one but I think you get the point.

  9. Show is about Black people yet, like clockwork, someone has to mention this “Black and Brown” idiocy. Newsflash: it’s not Black people’s obligation to care about “brown” people. Why does this have to constantly be explained to Black adults?

  10. God bless! Why has the pale-skinned, NOT white/pure, ppl always degrading what God created, trees?? It's a tree w/seeds to grow! These devilish ppl has done nothing but criminalized blacks for generations. And like God revealed to me, "daughter, they're putting all His ppl in prisons for the same thing they're doing." Doing everything God said don't do & blacks don't even see it. Re: Matthew 23, KJV only, "But be ye not call Rabbi, Father nor Master upon the earth; for one is your Rabbi, Father & Master, even Christ."

    Jer 10:3-4, "For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out the forest…" 4, They deck it with silver & with gold…" You know the pagan Xmas tree…all in vain to God but blacks continue to follow "commandments of men's traditions/doctrines"; WAKE UP BLACK PPL; am NOT an African American but a Hebrew American & hv God's spiritual reward to prove it, Amen!??? Love n Christ, "daughter of Zion aka the daughter of His ppl", Jer 6:2, 8:19-22, Is 14:32, et als, KJV only???

  11. I kinda agree with Malik on this one, the conviction rate and giving licenses are kinda of a stretch. If we want to retroactively reduce sentences or expunge charges I'm for that. The diversity should be for blacks in general, not specific areas imo. If they give those licenses, how would these impoverished communities be set up to succeed?

  12. Again, Roland if this is an issue you genuinely care about you should discuss Bernie Sanders’ criminal justice reform plan, which includes a provision for those who’ve been locked up for marijuana possession/distribution (ie, black people) to have priority on obtaining dispensary licenses.

  13. Did blacks in Chicago, DMV, PA, etc. push for decriminalization? Why would black people think or expect that white people would give them anything? You want something, you have to take it.

  14. Tell me that the black guy who sounds like a white guy is just playing devil's advocate on this show, claiming while stumbling over his words, that he doesn't understand blacks being overlooked for marijuana dispensary liscence.

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