'Conversation with the Candidate' with Andrew Yang: Online exclusive

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins Adam Sexton for the first installment of the “Conversation with the Candidate” series. In this portion …


  1. all the youtube comments i have seen LOVE andrew….please vote for him! (I really want to but I cannot since I am Canadian.) Dont mess this up, America! Intelligent, compassionate, well informed, logical, true patriot…. perfect president!!

  2. Andrew Yang is for real for the people just by seeing many videos of him you can feel his Honesty.. America is ready to elect The Best President of Our Time Andrew Yang as President of the United States of America!! #YangGang2020?☑️????

  3. Government: why should we give you free money?

    People: because you freakin steal our money?? what have you given us? cancer causing environment with no healthcare system, stress, depression, war among people because people are so desperate of money, tax raise, fare hikes? hatred from other countries because you spend all our money on your glorious wars?? life you initiate is war war war especially economically. Living shouldn't feel like a war we deserve to live like humans and be happy!

    Make Yang the president NOW
    why do we have to wait??
    Because of the law of this stupid country
    where government doesn't make you decide. THIS is communism, you just don't know it because they want to make you believe that you are living in a free will country under the name of capitalism.

  4. An honest person would be able to hear the simple truth while a dishonest person would fall prey to scoundrels because they don't know how to think critically. Andrew offers REAL solutions instead of just talk political nonsense.

  5. THIS MAN NEEDS MONEY. DONATE ANYTHING YOU CAN. https://www.yang2020.com

    I'm from Ireland, and I would gladly donate anything I can afford, but I'm pretty sure that's not legal. My reasoning behind is that every country in the west needs to adopt his policies right now, and if he gets elected, it will show them the way. It's not going to have the same utility four years down the line if Bernie manages to finish a sentence or two and finally realizes the reality of it. It will be too late to implement then, because old school politics moves like molasses. If UBI doesn't happen right now, it's going to be a fire in a madhouse. Please give everything you can, not just for you own sake, but for the sake of the rest of us too. An example needs to be set for the entire Western World, and YANG is the right person to do this. Thank you.

  6. If Yang and Tulsi were the front runners, they could win the election, and reform the Democratic party. Our country would be great again and for the American people. We would all be winners. The front runners today have lost focus on the average person and will loose because of that.

  7. Yang is the only real choice in this field of Democrat candidates. Yang and Warren ticket would be a win. Bernie Sanders should join this new administration as a cabinet member (such as Secretary of Labor or Commerce or maybe even State). If Yang is not the Democratic Party's choice for 2020, he should run again in 2024.

  8. I've never been interested in politics bec of all the bs politicians say and do but it all changed when I saw a vid of Andrew Yang… And binge watch all vids with his name in it…I hope Americans vote for him…he seemed sensible, logical, smart and resonates with the common people. I wish Canada has an Andrew Yang running for the office too! All the best Mr. Yang!!! I can feel you'll WIN the hearts of your people and will be the first Asian American president!

  9. I’m independent, I’m not a Republican, nor Democrat.

    But I wholeheartedly support the US Constitution.

    Taking away my firearms or Demanding a license registry for my firearms is a violation of the 2nd Amendment. Registry always lead to forced gun confiscation.

    Threatening my Right to Self Protection is an absolute no-no for me. I shouldn’t be forced to have a license to protect myself nor should I be limited to what I can use to protect myself. Criminals DO NOT CARE for laws, they’ll always have their weapons unrestricted and use them against law abiding citizens. I’m not going to be forced short handed by government when it comes to protecting my life.

    I don’t mind this guy, but I’m not too trusting of the democrat party over the past decade. They try sound good but there’s always a dangerous catch to them, and currently they seek to remove or bypass the Rights of the People for “safety” but that’s a gateway to socialism and communism that seeks to remove the Right to Self Protection against all threats, including a Government that seeks to remove the Rights of the People.

    I would only vote for him if he’s:


    Pro-Due Process

    Pro-2nd Amendment



    Does Not Defund the Military (Obama defund the military and left it in a terrible state, which risks the lives of our servicemen)

    For the Removal of the Red Flag Law (that violates Constitutional Rights and Right to Due Process)

    Against Medicare for illegal immigrants (I’m a taxpayer but I’m not going to pay for someone who violates the laws and security of the country)

    Against the “Defeat Trump at All Costs” Rhetoric (Actually running to support the working class of Americans, not to just “Defeat Trump”, I don’t care for Trump but he was better than Hillary at 2016)

  10. Andrew, I pray for you everyday , As I heard you said that I Am Not Willing to Accept The Country We Are Leaving For Our Children'"", Totally Agree, our country is heading to a very bad shape, The current system is so dehumanising and corrupted, we need your help to fix the system as soon as possible , you might face a lot of challenges and difficulties, There is no need to be afraid of being judged by your colour or ability. I pray for you and stand by you. Dear God, Please Help us and Help Andrew Yang to be our President of 2020. In the name of Jesus. God Bless America!!!

  11. IMPORTANT: If you want to vote Yang in 2020, you NEED to vote for him in the democratic primaries. That's the only way he's going to get on the ticket.

    In some states that even means registering as a democrat in order to participate. If you don't identify as dem, hopefully you'll be ok with it since it's a means to an end and you can always change later. Look up the rules in your state so you don't miss any deadlines! Also make sure that you're registered to vote!!

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