Cory Booker Challenges Joe Biden's Stance On Marijuana Legalization | TIME

Here’s how Cory Booker challenged Joe Biden’s stance on marijuana legalization at the November Democratic Debate in Atlanta. Subscribe to TIME …


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  2. Question: Mr. Vice President, would you agree that marijuana is the least bit harmful compared to all the other schedule 1 drugs and that it should eventually be legalized?
    Biden: I'd rather my son remain a crackhead than legalize marijuana!..

  3. United States Patent_ 6630507. Not even looking into the facts of the true history’s research and studies from United States and countless other countries that have been performed since the 1930’s, plus the 5,000 years prior to this. All the writings by countless practitioners from those days are not practical. But the Bible is all facts and truth. I must be drug tested to work and pay the taxes for the salaries of these officials and the ones in our country that cannot work or don't work (Social Security, welfare, unemployment, etc.) and none of these recipients have to take an drug test. How does this system work? United States Patent_6630507.

  4. Joe is out of touch with reality he is close to my age.If he is nominated I will not vote for him to many mental lapses and don't agree with his pot stance.

  5. ? Joe Biden you just gave yourself the kiss of death in the debates last night. Fact is you’re not up for the job you weren’t eight years ago either so why don’t you retire with your wife to sunny Florida and enjoyed a few years you have left.

  6. Medical marijuana, at the very least, should be approved countrywide. My liver metabolises prescription medications too quickly and marijuana is the only thing that helps my chronic pain and anxiety. It's not approved in Tennessee.?

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