Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes Weed | Netflix Is A Joke

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  1. This is one of my favorite bits from Chappelle, because he's such a good story teller. I see a lot of comedians struggle with this level of emotional honesty. There's a lot of details about his relationship with his son that you can fill into the blanks because of the way he talks about him.

    It's one of those legacy jokes, you follow? His kids were little when he was doing Chappelle show. And now they're old enough to do their own thing in a time when Dave's getting more comfortable with being in the limelight again. And he finds his kids papers and maybe reflects on a time when his children were a bigger part of his life. And then he cries.

    Then he smokes some weed and never tells his son about what happens. Its a melancholic memory that exists as a punchline now.

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