Downtown Central Business District with huge skyscrapers [PBHDC, Ep.11][ Cities: Skylines]

Pro builds his Dream City in Cities: Skylines Ep: 11 [Campus DLC] Today we’re building the Central Business District with all its skyscraper and luxury apartment …


  1. This video was so beautifully edited… very creative and smooth transitions, nice framing on some shots (fireworks for example). You do this for a living? If its just a hobby you may want to consider more. You have a fantastic eye and creativity.

  2. Beautiful city! But why are you placing high density commercial buildings near residential buildings? Commercial buildings are very noisy… (Sorry if my English is bad, i can easily understand english texts but it's hard for me to express my thoughts in English… Greetings from Russia!!!)

  3. I would like to ask you if you have ordered the modern city center DLC. It is said that his inspiration comes from Germany. I don't know if you will apply him to your city

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