Drinking wine after climate change means drinking rare bottles

We’ll be drinking wines we’ve never tasted before in the near and warmer future—because, climate change. An increase in the planet’s temperature over the …


  1. Entire piece on climate change, adaptive business models, and wine–and misconstrues every one of those topics in ways that are almost laughable…

    Honestly, the title doesn't even mirror the narrated content of the video, which itself doesn't coincide well with the experts interviewed, all atop a trivialisation of the greatest crisis of our world today into "we won't have wine that we already know! We'll have to try indigenous varietals and grow grapes other places, which is new and different! WAAAAAA!!!"

    Seriously…just…stop. You're going to poke someone's eye out with your crass obliviousness.

  2. As a lover of Barolo, I’m appreciative that the warming climate has made wines made from Nebbiolo more approachable while they’re still relatively young. I’m down to try new wines, but if I have to stock up on Alsatian Rieslings, I’m okay with that.

  3. really australia burning , just making burnt flavours….. i have this feeling that you get 1 percent of the conversation here, about time that the crumbling of the old world of wine….

  4. Just another fascist hateful deamoncrat hate porn lie. Wine is always changing with the always changing climate. black majority South African ethnic cleansing of white farmers/vineyards caused the drought and famine. Your fake media is always a lie.

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