Exclusive interview with Rick Simpson.

Interview with Canadian hemp oil expert Rick Simpson in Zagreb, Croatia by journalist Oswaldo Perez Cabrera. Rick claims the oil cures cancer, MS and other …


  1. The plant has not been given a chance for decades, awareness is occurring albeit very late.I see it as crazy as the government outlawing tyres after the wheel rim had been produced.

  2. We have a failed system of justice, a proven system of corruption, total disregard for science and sustainable solutions, and failed system of medicine….. what happened to the hippocratic oath?

  3. Thank you Rick for reintroducing this magical oil…the way you have been treated is unforgivable… i am following in your foosteps and my life now revolves in helping sick people lets hope that will soon become available to everyone …and stop this needless suffering…..you are so cool

  4. You are a LEGEND!

    What you have done for humankind is AMAZING!


  5. There's a very simple way to prove that it works!…Why don't you find 5/10 people with cancer that would be prepared to let you medicate them and let's see if it works. (Personally I know it it works) but so does the rest of the world.

  6. I absolutely idolize rick Simpson! I’m trying to scream his word and my own studies on my side of the world through YouTube streams i’m doing. Ive also started a Facebook page, that’s gathered allot of followers.. we’re about to lose my father, and he’s way to stubborn to try the oil, I’ve pushed, pushed, pushed. But no luck.. also lost my mother to cancer.. I just want to help people and spread love!! Leave this police state../province, fml. My wish is to meet Rick. Aswell get my word out..!

  7. So if you have an illness do you have to constantly take the oil for the rest of your life? Or can you do a cycle and that be it… giving you lead a healthy lifestyle.

  8. Rick Simpson was a jerk in my opinion and this is long overdue for me to share this story… I was deathly ill in 2014 and I ordered his online PDF book for $8.99 to help with pain and I accidentally ordered two… it was during a time I was going to a lot of doctors and paying out of pocket so every dollar counted as I was disabled and unable to work… I immediately contacted Paypal to let them know it was an accident and to please ask the seller to refund one of the charges and Rick Simpson refused the extra purchase he threatened me and said if I wouldn't except a partial refund then he wouldn't refund any of it… WHAT??? I was deathly ill and accidentally ordered two and let you know within an hour after the order. I deleted his crap ebook and his crap knowledge and found way better healing modalities than he has. I will always remember Rick Simpson by that experience, as a vindictive person, with a chip on his shoulder, who lashes out at people who has a short fuse and little empathy. I have no doubt there are others out there who have had nasty experiences with him because I literally didn't do anything for him to freak out like he did… I contacted paypal and nicely said I accidentally purchased two of these can I please have a refund and he went all crazy on a vendetta to make sure I didn't get a refund… in all my years of buying things on line I have never had a vendor act so inappropriately. His email back was literally a threat for simply asking for a refund on an accidental double order.

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