Farming NipNip Buds Part 20 | No Mans Sky Gameplay 2019

This is a base building series in No Man’s Sky on Xbox One. I am going through the base building, showing you how to get all blueprints, unlock all specialist …


  1. Hi Jason, you need to go onto the Gek space station and Barter 1000 units with the Gek NPCs who are standing around, that is the only way I know to get the NipNip Buds. You sometimes dont get the option to but you may be offered to buy a word for 10 units so just get the word and retry the same Gek. If he offers to barter 200 condensed carbon refuse, you will not get the Buds, hope this helps, You may only get 1 NipNip Bud per station, sometimes none and sometimes 2 or more

  2. Didn't know you could have more than one worker under the same roof…I just started building my base through the "Quests" and whenever I try to place more than one station I get the "Can't have more than one worker" alert. ?‍♀️

  3. Nice job taking out the pirates! I wish you could swap out an old freighter for a new one by rescuing them from a battle. Good luck finding a maxed out S class freighter. I'm still looking for one as well.

  4. Great to see you back! I'm in coastal Florida, so no snowstorms here.
    Sorry to laugh at your pain, BUT…
    I was yelling at the TV (I watch YouTube on the telly) telling you that you can't plant a dime bag. You need a fresh cutting of bud, as you realized in your downloaded frustration.
    If it makes you feel better, I learned this the hard way too!

    If anyone wants to, I am SanityAssassin73 on PS4. Please send the friend requests if you want to do some collective base building on no mans sky.
    I will gladly help any newbies out. I have a max slot a class star destroyer freighter filled with s class ships and I can help you guys get them too. I know where!

  5. As lavalamp64 says, all you have to do is go to a Gek space station. If you've visited one before you only have to use your teleporter to get back there. Speak to every Gek until you find one that lets you barter 1000 and in my case, the first one who did that rewarded me with the Nip Nip buds.

    However, as some of us were saying in the comments to your previous video, the real money isn't planting crops to harvest, not even things like Nip Nip. The real money comes from growing a range of crops that can be combined together. In my case I'm making Living Glass by growing Coprite, Gamma Weed and Frostwort in 33 Biodomes. I bought eveything needed from my local space station for around five million or so and it only took me a couple of days to get it set up and running. I needed a lot of Pure Ferrite so I bought cheap ferrite dust and used the refiners in my base to convert it.

    I had to spend some time searching for buried technology to get the data for the structures I needed too. It only took a couple of hours exploring on foot on my home planet using the analysis scanner to find them. They were mostly a few hundred yards apart. My crop takes fours hours to mature and I can harvest and craft that into 40 Living Glass in under an hour for a sale price of nearly twenty four million. Of course it's tedious and I wouldn't want to do that forever but doing it a couple of times a day for now is a quick way to accumulate the money I need for a couple more good S Class ships.

    (Edited value down to twenty four million instead of twenty six)

  6. Never saw nip nip buds before (or never noticed and thought it was gek nip…)
    So thank you for this warning video and the comments section for telling us where to hopefully find them. 😀

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