1. Even though Cannabis is legalized in specific states. I'll believe it when my Black males stop being arrested for cannabis for possession and growing. We all know they're going to deter Blacks from growing cannabis legally in our neighborhoods they're going to do that by some rich Blacks objecting cannabis being sold and grown in our neighborhoods. We're far behind cannabis propagation compared to other countries that have fully legalized cannabis.

  2. Brother I said the same thing how in the hell you gonna tell me to get a job the take it from me. The in the next month I'm going to be in the same place cause you going back on a shut down really!!

  3. Amen Brother! Never thought I Say this but lately I have! I never voted for a white man! Never voted at All! I had many people tell me I was the problem? I Served this Country and wad called the N word leaving and returning? But now 3years later I retired my self, retired my wife 2008, now we both sit at home do what ever when ever we forget the days of the weeks? Now that's living, see white people I learn this when king was shot 1968, I was 14yrs old. Care less about the black people issues? 2019 60yrs later new Age free thinkers are still seeking white man Validations? I only Vote for God, in spite some talking about religions holding back black people? I'm black the journey was a struggle, but my rewards was worth the efforts! Amen all glory to God! Not men and his traditions?

  4. Lol he said as soon as possible OR as quickly as he's able or some shit like that. Did you watch it? He says an invisible steel wall. Save $ tell him it's invisible lol I need to figure this out. I'm more confused now than before. Heeeeeelllpp

  5. Just Still Dont Trust Any Of There Dealings At All! Dont Know Much About The Kaya Busines,But Do Smoke It For My Spiritual Reasons. I Thought I Was Hearing French And Thats Why I Ask. Blessings With Love Added Baba!

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