Fenbendazole Day 18 (3rd of Week 6) [an experiment by a non-cancer person]

My Protocol: 1 Gram Fenben (222 mg active) 1 Spoon Olive Oil 3 Days ON, 4 Days OFF This video is dedicated to my Mom who was diagnosed with stage 4, …


  1. James, You did a great job with your Fen-Ben disclaimer. I believe your positive message came across in a very non-incriminating manner. I am wondering if the medical community's pill pushers and the pharmaceutical lobbyists are beginning to sweat just a bit as this canine remedy gains in popularity?

  2. James, Thanks for using my joke in your routine. I wish you were Johnny Carson so I could be paid for it… Oh Well. On a serious note: I do have a small calendar which I dedicated to my Fen-Ben routine. I am keeping track of days taken and will use it to log any unusual physical events I perceive during the course. It should be interesting to see the results of my upcoming blood tests and the interactions during my visits with the hematologist. By the way, I have been taking my Fen-Ben doses using 30 weight motor oil instead of olive oil. It's probably not good for my stomach but I am getting much better mileage. Don

  3. I loved this amazing video and I also like your pink shirt. I also like the idea of having a list of things to talk about. I also like the words giving good information on the side. You also look very healthy and you use your hands alot which makes it more visually. I would 1000% recommended this channel for anyone who has nothing to watch. I overall enjoy all these videos and will watch all the videos that are posted on this channel.

  4. Thank you james for your response!
    I'm on week 9, I have a few health problems and finding the fendben is helping! I'm not sure why it helps but it does, I have lupus , mix connective tissue disease , real bad arthritis, and fendben is working , I haven't had no flares or inflammation in my body since! I'll get some blood work to compare from 9 weeks ago soon, I'll keep you posted , we here in the u.s.a are afraid of the gov spying that's why not many post, are you in Japan or?
    Well glad your doing well.
    Drink lots of lemon juice, and dandelion, I pick them in the summer and make tea, great for liver function. ??

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