1. I'm fifty in March and remember the game but we called it splitting the kipper. (Kippers being your dangling bits.) It was still a game in the early to late 80s as I left in 86. Not seen it for ages brings back memories of blunt knives lol.

  2. Whitby Knife, My husband had one obtained in Ireland when he was 15, as for splits he played at his school not so far from you in the 1960's, Borden, Hampshire. Keep up the great work.

  3. In grade school I carried two pocket knifes one for throwing into the dirt the other one was kept sharp. We called it stretch. Another game was "chicken" it pulled your feet in together. The game most of us played was called "Mumbly Peg" it required throwing the knife from many different positions and methods. Failure to stick the knife gave your opponent a chance. You could call for a second try called "risking it" . A miss here made you have to start over. The first one to complete the many positions was the winner. The winner cut a stick into a small peg which was driven into the dirt and the looser had to pull it with his teath. The looser had a choice of methods the winner could use to drive the peg (with the back of his knife) one choice had him trying to hit the peg with his eyes closed. How did I do? I never pulled many pegs. How did we ever survive?

  4. Never in the scouts but growing up in a pit village a stones throw away from Sheffield we were never short of a knife or two. I had a neighbour who worked as a Cutler and supplied us with pen knives and daggers as we called them all for the princely sum of one penny, this was more for luck and tradition than profit in his case.

  5. Brilliant video Graham,I have to apologise again.Last year I thought one of your knives was a HYK in a video you and Mike done
    I should of know better.Keep the Videos coming mate.I love getting home from work on a Friday night,putting the feet up and Watching your videos.

  6. I had that old sheffield scout knife too but dont know what became of it. From what i can find, Whitby knife co, got some of their knives made in solingen Germany, or bought German stock and put the whitby stamp on them . Whitby knife co still exists but i'm not sur if they still make knives or if their blades are made in china. All the best.

  7. Brilliant lads. Of course we played splits. I had a cracking Bowie knife in the cubs and scouts…lost along the way, alas…..Fabulous episode…congrats on the new arrival Mike, so please for you all. cheers Miles

  8. I love this guy… He’s as entertaining as the late Bruce Forsyth. As knowledgeable as Herodotus. And as funny as the average female contestant mandated to be included on all BBC Radio 4 comedy panel shows..

    So, there’s 2 great reasons to watch the totally awesome Super G.

    Keep on bringing fantastic fishing and fun into our lounges…

  9. Can't add any more compliments than I already have to this channel from lure fishing for pike (on blanket weed infested water that I would not bother with) to knife sharpening and then playing splits (those were the days) Graeme demonstrates you are as young as you feel. Sent your regards to Tony (Tony's Tackle) and he sends his regards back to you (said he has not seen you in a long time) Anyway great entertainment whilst we get rid of this storm. Don't people remember the storm/snow of 1962-1963 that was adverse weather!

  10. Yeah Graeme and Mike we played that game to splits with a knife. also played flip with a folding knife where you had knife half open in L shape. then you struck down into wood so the point of blade was embedded lightly. putting a finger in front of blade you put finger under the end of handle and flipped up causing the knife to flip in circles and hopefully it would embed the point again giving you a point. each had 5 tries and the one with the most would win. Another variation on that game of flip was if you had a knife with a long blade and a short blade folding the long blade half open and the short blade full open. Again finger in front of the long blade and flipping up to make the knife do a few circles. if it came down and stuck in on the short blade you got double points and if on the long blade a single point. Yeah kids don't try this at home. Oh some of the games we used to play when we were kids would sure not pass today for sure but they wee good times back then. Love watching ta fishing and ta outdoors. You guys are the best. Thansk for the chance to spend tim with you both.

  11. splits or lawn darts? ? Graeme thank you, i am going through the hardest time of my life ,,,,but you offer me a world of comfort – like a long distance hug, my friend, you are more than just a guy on the tube – you are so loved sir. best health and tight lines mate! – that goes for you as well Mike!

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