Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate – What is Better? What to Choose?

What’s the difference between Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. You need to know! A new episode of CBD Frequently Asked Questions. ▻ Book a Free …


  1. I want to make my own cbd oil and I want to get the entourage effect so then I want to make full spectrum oil.
    My question Is,I saw online a guy showing how to make your own FULL SPECTRUM OIL and his Ingredients were 2 ounces of medicinal plant material heated for awhile then cold pressed oil poured on then heated on low temperature again then strained and then bottled.
    My question Is Is this full spectrum oil or will this be Isolate?Thanks

  2. Thank you. I'm starting full spectrum cbd tonight as I want all the benefits cbd can produce. Autoimmune, etc. I know you could fail a drug test even on such a tiny amount of thc. It's worth the risk for me for pain relief. I live in Colorado and weed is legal but many companies still drug test and workmans compensation drug test you instantly if you get hurt. Well, I hurt all the time working for this company so if I can relieve the pain I have from working there, it will balance out. =) Thanks again, I think you're correct.

  3. Thanks great video. Does the small amount of thc in the full spectrum oil procure any high effect ? I really don’t want that and I’m hesitating. Trying to get off benzos and I heard it’s best to go with full. Thanks !

  4. Which is better for DIY topical application? I am thinking of buying both, making two separate salves with otherwise same recipe – and comparing. But just to be safe, travel to Japan only with skin products made with isolate where batches are tested no 'no detectable THC'

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