Gabapentin Side Effects 100mg 300 mg Dosage for nerve pain and withdrawal

Gabapentin (US Brand Name Neurontin) Side Effects, 100mg, 300 mg dosage are covered. Also discussed using gabapentin for nerve pain and for anxiety.


  1. I've had chronic pain (7 years) in my right shoulder, arm, neck and cheek as well as left chest and right calf. The pain is mostly unbearable in my right cheek, neck arm and left chest. It increases when i get stressed. Studying is the most activity that immediately increases the pain. Sometimes the pain becomes so extreme that it appears in my left cheek, neck and arm. That pain has affected my life a lot and is slowly killing me mentally. I've went to countless doctors and every1 tells me different bullshit. But when i went to a neurologist he told me things about abnormal excitation of the brain which he thought i might have. So he prescribed me gabatrex which contains gabapentin. I started taking it gradually up till i reached 6 pills a day. At the 6 pills dosage, i had zero pain and went back to normal. It was insane I couldn't believe it worked. However this wasn't a permanent cure. When the pills finished the pain came back. So now i have an exam coming up and I'm sick and tired of the pain and money spent on this issue. Should i continue taking the pills or can i find a permanent cure to whatever it is that i have

  2. I’m very careful when taking this medication I find that it’s addictive so each time I take my chemo I take 400 mg Gabapentin but once I get home I sure to take Blackseed Oil which helps me with and addictive problems that may occur

  3. It made my hair fall out in clumps after only a month of taking it. Also made my eyes dart side to side uncontrollably. It honestly scared me away from doctors when I realized my GP had no problem prescribing it to me.

  4. Horrible medicine was put on this and clonazepam after a fall that resulted in chronic pain and nerve damage. Both ruined my central nervous system. Now I suffer from heat tolerance. Skin hurts to be touched skin burns once you try to stop taking these medications and prior to taking them I was on nothing and hadn’t needed a doctor in over 12 years

  5. This drug is so scary. I thought it was helping me, and it turns out that it is responsible for a myriad of side effects that doctors have been treating with STILL MORE DRUGS with STILL MORE DEVASTATING SIDE EFFECTS! I'm so done because it has made me so sick. Unfortunately, I have a lengthy withdrawal to undergo. Sign me up for a class action ASAP!


  7. Thank you. Your post was so measured and thoughtful. As a person currently suffering severe withdrawal symptoms from gabapentin six months into my taper, I hope your readers will seriously consider the prospect of being one of the "rare" people who experience the worst side effects. It's no consolation that I'm now just a statistic. I'm real. I've got three children and a husband who loves me. My life has almost ended because of this medication. I hope you'll heed the warnings and only take gabapentin if you're prepared to accept that you may have the worst imaginable long-term suffering as a result. Gabapentin worked so well to calm my nerves, help my anxiety and sleep issues for ten years. But I'm paying for it in the most catastrophic way. I can't work, I suffer, some days I can barely summon the will to keep going. When the side effects became intolerable I knew I had to get off the medication. Wow, was I ever in for a rude awakening. I'm still suffering at least six hours every day. I don't know if my brain will ever return to normal, though I'm optimistic. I'm seeing tiny signs of improvement but honestly, I've wondered how much longer I can endure. I'd say unless the tradeoffs (risks and side effects) are worth it to you, steer clear of this medication. I want to put up a billboard, just so people won't have to suffer like this. It's such a waste of my productive years. Hindsight is 20/20. Learn from mine. Best of luck to all who struggle. Meds can be a godsend, but they can also be our undoing.

  8. I would like to ask anyone if they’ve experienced High Blood Pressure while taking Gabapentin?? I have never had issues with my blood pressure. It’s always been perfect. I got diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia and was put on 1,800mg Gabapentin and my blood pressure started going through the roof. So they had to put me on medication. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this

  9. I've been using pre gabs for 2 weeks now but I'm going to stop today I feel very embarrassed saying this I was popping 6-300mgs a day getting then off the street will I go through withdrawal please reply to this message as soon as possible.

  10. I was on gabapentin for about 2 years as a pain reducer for nerve damage in my l4 and l5 spine. Prior to this medication I could not walk. I was on high doses of oxycodone tramadol and Dilaudid…. None of which to touch the pain levels I was having. At 300 mg 3 times per day I felt some improvements. When everything was said and done I was a 2700 milligrams per dose, paired with tramadol as needed. I was also receiving extremely high doses of localized steroids in my spine and lower back. About eighteen months into taking gabapentin, and only after having started on the high-dose steroids I began having what I would consider episodes of suicidal hunger. It was not a thought of suicide but almost a withdrawal feeling wanting and craving suicide. These feelings only lasted 3 to 5 minutes but occurred two to three times per day. They were very overwhelming and unlike any sensation I've ever felt before. As I said originally I could not walk without the assistance of this medication. I however opted to end my dosage of gabapentin do to a fear of this uncontrolled suicidal lust. I'm not sure if it was the medications the high dosage or what interaction… But the warning of suicidal tendencies should not be overlooked. They come from no where and hit with vengeance. I stopped gabapentin abruptly and luckily had no side effects. Within days of stopping the suicidal lust sensation ended. Again I want to emphasize it is a suicidal lust not suicidal thoughts. You are not sad. Instead you crave a saw (movie) -like mentality. It's a terrifying feeling.

  11. Hi there i was on 800 mg of Nurontin for 3 years i stopped 600 cold turkey then 300 mg a week later it has been 14 days and i keep having RLS when i never had that before….do you know how long it might take to go away im tired when walking but the RLS is crazy any advise?

  12. Started this for severe pain caused by a large prolaped disc in my back. Helped a tiny bit with the pain but oh my god the side effects…. feeling hungover all the time, banging headache, nausea, dizzy barf feel horrible.

  13. Any interaction between Sinemet and this drug ? I'm on carbidopa/levodopa 5 times a day for Parkinson's. And I might be put on this for my familiar tremmor thanks for the video and any advice

  14. Worst side effect: WEIGHT GAIN. Almost impossible to lose weight while taking gabapentin, in spite of low carb, low cal, intermittent fasting. Also, gum hyperplasia–tender and bleeding gums. Ugh.

  15. I’m very nervous even close to paranoid about taking meds. This video was the most informative I could find. Thank you for taking your time to explain it. I was given gabapentin to help relieve my carpal tunnel symptoms until surgery.

  16. Nice video, very informative!
    I had a question, since I've started taking gabapentin (100mg) I've been experiencing this weird phenomenon where I totally forget where I am if im focused on something. Like throughout watching this video I couldnt figure out if I was in my room until I looked around the room. Very strange indeed.
    Is this okay to be experiencing this? Should I talk to my doc or is it not that serious? Thanks!

  17. Thank you. This has been very informative information. Been on it a while and never truly knew the whys and what’s of it until now. Just nice to know. Works well for me for now.

  18. What about coffee. I have over three and a half years clean from alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, anti depressants, anxiety meds. I have given up everything besides coffee. My surgeon wants me to take this gabapentin 300 mg for groin nerve pain from a botched inguinal hernia surgery in Nov 2018
    It says caffeine interact with this medication but nothing online I can find will tell me what happens. I use a couple cups of coffee daily. Coffee also helps with my fatty liver. It's my one vice. Do you or does anyone know the interaction between the two? Thanks so much Love and Respect from Portland Oregon ❤️

  19. Thank you for doing these videos. I wish I had this information when I was prescribed this medication for insomnia. Coming off this medication was horrible. Had it been prescribed differently, maybe it would have been different.

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