1. I live in Canada winter is tough but you’ll make it through! Just think where I’m from they get 6-12 FEET Of snow it’s insane as high as the houses it’s crazy

  2. I really appreciated your pep talk about winter….haha I live in Ontario in canada and totally have been feeling down because of the weather. I honestly needed that lol…your videos are so cute and relaxing and I love your energy. So glad you're still making these videos …..i've been a viewer for quite awhile. I never comment but love your content!! ❤??

  3. I love that you love to have a garden and plant pretty things! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a garden. I feel gardening feeds my soul. ❤️?
    I have an IG account completely dedicated to my garden if you want to check it out. ? @tyesgarden

  4. your talk in the beginning about how draining the winter is reallyyy resonated with me right now! my mental health is terrible as i’m at school away from home around this time of year. being optimistic tho!

  5. you should do a video that Garrett Watts did where he tried to wake up at 5am everyday, was really fun and would be interesting to see!! I’ve been completely the same the last month in struggling to try get up and stay motivated:(

  6. I really needed to hear that little pep talk, I've been in such an awful place mentally and it's so hard to get out of it. The weather definitely doesn't help! I overthink and think the worst of everything and it has really been fucking with me. Your videos are a perfect distraction from my thoughts?

  7. That jacket is adorable, where is it from? Also lovely vid, I smoked while watching and Arya jumping on the fort made me lol, I knew it was coming when I saw her get ready next to it ahah

  8. Sometimes when I smoke while watching, i forget what the premise of the video is.

    just got re-excited for the fort part way in.

    lmao thats where im at today

  9. Just watched this and I love how you are about more personal situations in your life. I'm applying for my med card tomorrow (finally my 18th!!), and I am planning on starting a weedtube and having that be my living like you. I was wondering if you have any little tips or tricks on how you motivate yourself (what you talked about in the video helped) and any other words of wisdom you could pass on 🙂 my twit is brett_loewke (if that is easier for you) stay high and those are some curious cats

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