Good Question: How to apply for a medical marijuana card

We’re getting a better idea of just how many people are applying for medical marijuana cards. We found the numbers after a viewer asked how to apply for one.


  1. Do not get your medical marijuana card, lobbyist are praying that you do, so they can take your Second Amendment right away from you. Once you get your card, about five or 10 years down the road they’re going to illegalize the marijuana card again and you cannot and will not be able to get your second amendment back. Lobbyist pay billions of dollars to these companies to get you to get your medical marijuana card so they can take your gun rights away. If you do not believe me do your homework

  2. Good video but i my marijuana card few weeks ago from my legit plug i have been dealing business with him for a while now he's so wonderful you can inbox me for more information about him or meet him on IG as (Kendybrown) God bless to all stoners ??

  3. Nobody can predict how many people are dealing these types of symptoms, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, Ms, adhd and many others. There's this general sentiment that Americans are healthy, happy and prosperous, that couldn't be further from the truth. Let's just hope the prices of MMJ are low enough for people who already live paycheck to paycheck (78% of all income earners).

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