Gordon Ramsay Left Stunned After Trying The Best Of British Dishes | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

In this episode, Gordon Ramsay is on a path the find Britain’s best British restaurant, and after a rocky start, both teams leave Gordon stunned as he tries their …


  1. i'm honestly kinda surprised west house didn't win. From what it seemed like, most of the issues there were with service but even then they had good recovery. The food at west house seemed better as well as i could only tell through the screen the presentation looked better in my opinion. As for the other restaurant, their food seemed good however with the 30 customers challenge gordon set up, they had food sent back because it was cold, they had people complaining about too much pudding. In the secret customer challenge they burnt their food and while they did explain, it's still surprising also their second dish wasn't the best in the secret customer challenge. Finally the last challenge Gordon had for them they really did seem even so I could see where Gordon was coming from. However to sum it up, West house had problems with ordering and the other places food wasn't consistent and so I guess I thought West house would've won. Why am I writing this? well i'm glad you asked, I have no idea XD this is only my opinion idk :I 🙂

  2. I would rather try The West house regardless of the mom messing up once in a while. To me, it just felt more warm & cozy. I don't think they get rushed by busloads of people often so I doubt the service would realistically be an issue.

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