1. The real question is:

    Do you want the inconvenience of watering and feeding nutrients daily?
    Use coco

    Do you want slower growth and smaller more flavorful plants and water 2-3 times a week?
    Use organic soil

  2. How about just use Mantis Buffered Nutrients, no flushing finishes 2 weeks faster and you don’t feed the last week because it’s wasteful from seed to harvest, no PH worries, no Calmag.

  3. Everyone’s trying to dry amend coco and idk why. I use coco and perilite 40% coco and 60% perilite so I can feed daily drain to waste. If you want organic go soil. Everyone references mr canucks but you can see he has issues as well. And make no mistake these grow Chanel’s don’t show the shity plants and failed grows. And giagreen pays him for using it. I’ve tried the dry amendments and had lackluster results. Soil works better and I’m a all coco guy that loves coco. But the dry amendments in coco don’t work for shit

  4. There's a brand called blue staff. It's all sorted for you. It's washed and then buffered with calcium and magnesium so u can use straight from the bag..booosh what results you get. Not sure if u can get in America yet tho. UK brand..check Facebook or eBay. Enjoy all enthusiastic growers.????

  5. Mr.Canucks plants do look great all bushy and healthy looking till the end. at the end of of the life cycle when the leaves start to change color or "autumn" i don't see that, when i look at his grow i see a lot of shriveled up burnt leaves ends. Just my thoughts on it, if i was to do the organic method as Mr.Canuck i would not add the bat guano at week four of flower because at week 8/9/10 when he crops that "organics" is just starting to breaking down after 4 weeks and is making his media to hot. Alos when he brewes up his teas hes adding a bunch of microbes and in turn alowing the plant uptake more nutrients , maybe i would try at the start of flower when he top dresses use 1/2 of his amendments and then week 2 use 1/4 strength giving 4 weeks to break down and just water till the end
    Like honestly i did learn from his videos and i enjoy watching them because i thought of going organic and well, he is Canadian EH! (so am i )
    this is just my option because i haven't done organic in my coco

  6. I’ve only used dry amendments for outdoor. My first time using bottle nutes indoors I’ve had problems I’m runnin indoor organic amendments side by side bottled nutes. I’m a new indoor grower so still learning but my organic plants are very green healthy and growing fast. The bottled nute plants have a ph or lockout issue yellow leaves not up taking the nitrogen been flushing with clean water. Seems to me the organic is way easier to grow they grow fast no issues at all so far I’ll probably be using the organic powders from now on like I been doin

  7. (I am sure there is more than one way to skin this cat but this is my recommendation)I have done some research in regards to growing with coco using organic dry ingredients. The conclusion is, it can be done but like with all techniques and strategies it must be done by understanding the situation and adjusting properly. I found that it is recommended to water coco until you see run off. If you do not let your water run off then you will not lose the nutrients or microbial you want to keep in your coco. Change the watering technique. It is also wise to use aerated teas along side with this to help support the microbial and life of the growing medium. This will help all organic grows regardless of the growing medium. Can't stress the use of teas enough.

    As far as mixing straight coco I recommend using a dry organic pre mix like roots organic or similar but invest in additional plant/microbial food that will supply heartiness without over fertilizing. I recommend kelp meal and alfalfa meal. You will notice in those pre mixed bags that you buy, they have these items in there, but not enough to be as beneficial as they can be by adding more separately. I always recommend mixing your coco with half of the pre mix instructions and boost it heavier with these two meals and some myco. I also recommend adding Neem Cake to every mix. Neem cake will help kill many soil pests like gnats and feed the good organisms you want at the same time. Growers who dont use or know about Neem cake should.

  8. Way too many OCD growers out there.Always overthinking with absolutely no evidence or proof of their statements.Show me controlled experiments before spewing what you "think" is happening.Show me evidence that coco does this and won't do that with controlled experiments and additional microscopic evidence before you fk up alot of growers who are coming here supposedly for true factual knowledge.Way too many so-called experts out there "thinking" they know what is happening ..Mr Canuck just kicked your ass out the door

  9. The coco conundrum rages on! It is counterintuitive to soak the roots continuously in a coco mush for 12 weeks or more. Mr Canucks method of adding dry organic amendments as a top dress and wet/dry cycle shows great results in his videos. I am attempting this method after watching his videos and in addition also adding small amounts (about 25% of recommended amount) of H&G A + B and CalMag to my dechlorinated tap water. Thanks for your informative discussions and videos. Even in jest would prefer to avoid hearing the term "Dago" being used in reference to Italian Americans.

  10. Guru is totally WRONG! I grow in organics with Dry nutes from Dr Earth or Down To Earth (both fantastic) I have no videos as I’m in PROHIBITION, but check out Mr Canucks Grow, he does the same as I do with awesome results….. I’ve been doing for going on 2 years now, while for 15 years I was straight bottle nutes, until I woke up and realized that my buddies shit tasted better and looked better than mine (he switched over 1st)

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