Hannah Deacon "UK Government Needs to Act" on Medical Cannabis Regulations – Medical Cannabiz World

There is a huge need for pople to educate themselves, their doctors and MPs on the benefits of Medical Cannabis which should be an accessible and cheap …

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  1. As we know there is already enough evidence from trials already conducted in other countries. I'm presuming the UK government are going to use "trials" to delay access to active cannabis medicines for as long as possible to prolong their investments in GW Pharma and the CBD bandwagon they've created. While they have labs working frantically to produce cannabis isolated medicines they can "patent" for profit. A cannabis product all ready for when they have to backtrack on lies that THC has no medicinal benefits ….How kind. They deprive their citizens of better alternative medicine whilst profiting from exporting abroad besides their policies being directed by lobbying/bribing pharmaceutical companies. Uk Parliament prides itself on setting up hurdles if it means change and they haven't quite worked out to get their slice for doing emmm,…….tumbleweed…….. which is why the current corrupt political model needs to go, take the money out of the equation and it would be a different ball game.

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