1. Double edged sword.
    I cant sleep without being high before bed… and when I finally do fall asleep I have CRAZY dreams that wake me somehow last so long I wake tired.
    I started smoking as it stopped me dreaming it at least remembering dreams as I have very lucid dreams that are rarely nice ones.

  2. I can't sleep I'm always angry & it's only been 2 days ? I get mad depressed I stop eating it's bad the only way to stop it all is to smoke but it's fucking my life up I need support but no one even cares cause everyone around me smokes

  3. Man ur right I'm at day 9 after smoking for about 15 year everyday back in the day was about 32 grams a week but the last few years about 7 grams a week and I'm really starting to struggle yesterday and today I'm spoke to my dealer but ended up making excuse why I couldn't come but it's getting difficult I got the support but I've even had thought about hiding it and lying no one's making me quit I did it for a job I passed and have the job but I want to be better foods taste different I can't sleep I'm smoking a pack a day (cigarettes) and I was down to half a pack a day all year I think alot of wat I'm saying is to jus get it off my chess because I don't say this to the people around me I guess jus keep doing what I'm doing and after I feel its all good do the same with the cigarettes maybe I'll start Brazilian Jiu-jitsu lol I'm jus a little lost and can't concentrate thanks for the vid it did help

  4. You quit a lot time in your life, and never get insomnia. That because you still young. Insomnia doesn't have a hard affect on young peeps. But when you hit your upper 30. That when is really hit you hard. That why when you younger is easy to quit smoking, then you now when you hit that 30 mark. It will be hard for you to quit. Because insomnia attacks. Insomnia something give you a cold sweat that keep you from sleeping. It will go away in a week or less, might be longer. It all depends on you body type.

  5. I'm with you bro, I've also watched so much motivational videos on YouTube and still failed. I'm starting again because of a new job so I have no choice or ruin my life. I'll update this comment in 4 weeks. It will be good news because I have no choice, just wish me luck to have as less withdrawal symptoms as possible. Thank you

  6. I’m on day 7 today and the insomnia barley started on day 4 and it’s really irritating. I quit 6 years ago to join the marines and I got out 4 months ago and have been smoking since the night I got out.. I missed the clarity I had before I picked it up again. Everything comes with a consequence good or bad not everything comes easy. Foolish to think I had the same mindset years ago to flow into it but I was wrong. My advice to everyone.. Take your insomnia for as long as you have to.. keep pushing and don’t ever quit!! I’m right here with you.

  7. Try off setting your bed time by a few hours, so you are absolutely exhausted by the time you get to bed. If you are laying in bed for longer than a half hour without sleep, get up and read or clean for an hour or so.

    Those might be the last things you want to do in the moment, but I can attest with my sleep tracking I feel right into deep sleep when I did these things. Finally, do not watch Twitch! This works to keep you up even if you're not quitting weed.

  8. For the past couple of days, I would wake up really early in the morning and feel nauseous. I would then barely throw up any food because of the small amounts of food that I consume on a daily basis. I am still not on a regular eating schedule simply because it’s been just over a day so far that I’ve quit. I am also having problems with digestion and sleep and I am not sure if I am just experiencing the withdrawal affects of quitting or if it is something else that is triggering the nausea, vomiting, and digestive track. I haven’t had a bowel movement in the past couple of days and I usually do daily.

  9. I quit because I’m joining the Coast Guard. I’ve been a stoner for 10 plus years. Now I’m battling with the thought in my head “do you wanna fight drug smugglers and be a bad ass Coastie? Or just call up your boys smoke bongs play video games and work regular 9-5 jobs”….

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