How a pot saliva test can go wrong | 22 Minutes

Weed’s almost legal! But how will you tell if you’re too high to drive? This Hour Has 22 Minutes: Watch full episodes online: Season 26 …


  1. Pretty funny.
    In reality most weed smokers have their act together and can function just fine.
    Nobody can tell when I'm high, because its easy to maintain. If I have a few drinks, there's no hiding it. Since vapes, nobody can smell it either.
    But I digress, I enjoy the stoner stereotype. Lots of folks can't handle it, and act just like the couple in the video.

  2. I think we all agree this is funny . LOL . I think the guy in the passenger seat was me . I can turn any tube into a bong in 2.5 sec.why back in the 80's . I went with a girl back then that looked just like this girl . Boy we had a lot of fun . Me and her girl fiends always went swimming nude . Now I am an old guy and not as good looking . All my hair had been cut off . I look like my dad now .

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