1. Looks amazing!!!!!!What time of the year do you plant? Do you add fertilizer or manure to the soil?
    How long does it take from planting to harvest? Do you use irrigation or just rain water?

  2. Everthing you do looks nice i want you to know that. Its just when i see the difference between the weed and veggies it makes me think you dont really care about the vegetable dem and only like your weeds not that i have a problem just you gonna eat the food so you might as well grow it nice its going in your body same way as the herb. You feel what im saying?

  3. im so glad Simon stayed with you for a few days because i would have never seen your channel ill be watching all your videos from now on and of course i subscribed straight away, bless from Australia man

  4. Jah know, the man a put him illegally weed farm on YouTube, so when the police come pick you up from your house and say take me to the weed farm what are going to tell them I'm curious

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