How to achieve flow state through cannabis | Steven Kotler | Flow Talks

In this talk, Steven Kotler – author, journalist, and Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective – dives into what it takes to reach a ‘state of flow’ through …


  1. To me it is important to hone in on the fact that Cannabis is NOT equivalent to "Marijuana". Cannabis is One component in both Marijuana AND in its cousin HEMP. The leaves look the same or at least very similar. There is a large percentage of THC in Marijuana and small amount of cannabis (comparatively); there is a large percentage of CANNABIS in Hemp and very small amount in Marijuana. This is per the very extensive due diligence of Trinitypharms in Black Mountain, NC, who has stand-up third party growers, and stand up third party testing/science. If you have documented details about this please feel free to chime in on what I've gathered. I take Cannabis oil several times per day, which usuallly has Zero% THC. Occasionally I get a bottle that has 0.3% Thc….Because it is from HEMP plants, not Marijuana. Thank you. I love Stephen. Use him in my Psych/ Sensation and Perception Courses with students

  2. As far as I know, cannabis increases our reaction time (makes us react slower) and slows down our thought process. May be it can enhance creative process because our "inner critic" gets silenced (it reduces prefrontal cortex activity) but I don't think it is beneficial for high demanding tasks such as car racing, sports in general or even esports (videogame competitions).

  3. Eitan Steinmetz.: – Personally; I support 100% all the hard works that "Flow kana" is opting out into the teachings and the true reality with this most relevant conversations with today’s thought-leaders across multiple disciplines and industries in support of exploring the possibilities and potential impact of leveraging cannabis to create positive change in our world. Keep on Going Onwards and Forwards; Best wishes and Regards; Peace and Lots of Love – Eitan.- (Canada)

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