How To Low Stress Training Marijuana Part 2: Two Weeks Later

How to low stress training Marijuana Part 2: Two Weeks Later is a video showcasing what you continue to do for low stress training and how to build out that …


  1. ENT,,,,,,, IS ph up and ph down HUGELY important in organic soil growing ? ex: Ocean farm soil has all the nutrients . im in week 1 of veg stage and I am starting too spray gently with Kelp liquid 1ml too 1ltr and mix and stray top of soil and leaves once every 4/5 days but my ph is about 7 , 7.5… should i shift too 6.0 to 6.8ph. the plant is doing good….

  2. How many tops do you want in a 3 gallon pot? I want to max it out but I’m nervous about nutrient deficiencies if I get them to big and stay in veg to long! Also I’ve got one that’s grow faster than the rest so I thought I could slow it’s growth by topping it multiple times while the others catch up! Bigger better buds rather than hundreds of pop corn bugs!

  3. Hey man I have a 48x48x80 grow tent my light only covers 1.5×1.5ft for flowering and 2x2ft for veg would that be good for 2 autoflowers in 3gal pots? Please reply need help 600w led maxisun

  4. thanks man. with my next gotrought I will definetely try this out next time with my autos….how long do you think, I sould bend them down? 1-2 weeks untill fower started?
    hope it will increase my yield ^^

  5. Ugh your Pineapple Express looks just like my Critical Purple Autoflower Plant looked at one point before it Died on me. So Depressing it got that Big but it never did produce Buds. It made it to the White Pistil phase but then Zero Buds followed lol. But that's over and done with and now I just germinated a Hindu Kush Autoflower Seed and Hopefully I'll get this grow right and actually get Buds out of it. We shall See. 🙂 I'll keep watching your how to Videos as she grows for help.

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