How to Make a Marijuana Firecracker

IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. You do NOT need to decarb the weed first with this recipe because you are not wrapping the crackers in foil! Taste might not be as good …


  1. I made some of these treats, but I have to do better on the amount of weed to use. I thought I was using the weed sparingly but my cookies came out super powerful. It was like being on a ride at Six Flags for 5 hours. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed it but will try to make them a little less dramatic next time.

  2. 2-3 grams of this decarbed weed can make a potent tray of brownies or Rice Krispy Treats. And weed Rawmen is the very first form of edible I've ever made then a few years later i discovered fire crackers and decarbing weed.

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