How to Start an Indoor Cannabis Grow Beginners Guide

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  1. I have a question if anyone could help me here please ? I smoke weed as often as I can. I bought an ounce and have 5 seeds and planning on planting 1 to see how it goes. It's not a black seed, will it still grow??? And would it take 3-6 months after the germination process?? I'm a beginner. Cannabis is no joke part of my religion's ceremony, so I like to cultivate and grow my own so now I turn to YouTube for sincere guidance……?

  2. My plant has been the same size since I planted it 3 weeks ago and it still only has it's first 4 leafs, I have it sitting on the window, I water it every morning and it still looks healthy, Can someone help me out?

  3. Do you have constant light, or a timed cycle during the initial stages?… I suppose your other videos will cover this.
    I'll see ya 'round on another video, and bug you with more questions.

  4. I have the same humidifier as your mid range grow. I find when I set it to my desired RH the other readers I have in the tent are way higher forcing me to lower the level its set at. Do you find this happening to you in your set ups?

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