1. you are very organized w/ this educational presentation. its given me some ideas for
    the basic problem of separating the desired plant compounds from the other crud.

    a few ?'s for you … when you have a moment …

    1. the blunt tip needle … are they 4" or 5" in length ?

    and 2. the syringe filters … how many ml of 190 solution before they are plugged up ?

    …… and 3. did you explore re-usable syr' filters … that just need to have the teflon circle replaced
    ……….. with a new one ?

    and , lastly , 4. why a .22 micron ? is there a relation to .22 and lipid molecule size ?
    there are lots of nylon mesh filter bags available for sale in the 25 , 100 and up micron size.
    couldnt a nylon bag of small size be filled w/ the 190 resin solution and squeezed such
    that just the dissolved -oids pass through the bag and the waxes , lipids dont ?


  2. Does not properly show the difference. You should show the proper vac process then you would be able show the exact difference. This doesn't include the fact your winterized product still contains fats as they thaw fast. All this should have included that this must be filtered in a subfreezing environment. Less your final product will be compromised.

  3. you should have used vacuum purging to make this video complete. as the video is, you shouldn't smoke that shit because it has alcohol content like he said. although it may seem like, oh whats the difference… when you burn this substance… other harmful carcinogens are produced and if done, over and over, can alter your mind in a way that isn't of the cannabis high, but rather other harmful chemicals and shit that will straight up fuck you up. and not ina good way

  4. Nice vid, you should also perform your filtration in the freezer and pre chill syringes and filters. as soon as the temperature of your wash increases especially at 10:1 saturation, the fats and lipids will redissolve back into the solvent rapidly. Maintain lowest temperatures possible throughout the process, try 72 hours in the freezer first ideally you need sub -30c to parcipate the fats, or try some dry ice in the wash if you can get some that will get you down around – 100c✌️

  5. Hey bro you can speed that process up if you use dry ice to freeze your solution. Put your beaker in a small cooler with dry ice around it. Winterization happens faster and colder.

  6. Man, this is a dope video. Thanks for showing people how to properly remove the byproducts from their rosin. Clean dabs are the best dabs. I also make videos on extracts of you wanna check out my page.

  7. Something i havnt seen much info on – the syringe filter membrane. I can't be sure but the green filter seems like PES, does anyone have any data on the difference between this and PTFE?

  8. Well if you want to get that stuff out you know you can get a setup that's a little easier to use than that. At around -15 to -20 if the hose is going to dry ice all the chlorophyll and fat and everything will clump at that negative temperature then the only thing that will come out the other side will be pure wax. So if you want to make wax in a larger quantity then the rosin method. You generally can make wax with no propellants by using 200 proof alcohol. Not isopropyl either grain alcohol or ethanol. You can also buy an alcohol recycling system(roto vape) will you get about 75% of the alcohol back. You've got to have something though in the middle for the hose to pass through the dry ice unless you have a little mini Pharmacy freezer that can get down to -25 or so. Definitely was entertaining brother but if you want to make larger quantities and you don't want to do with the rosin Tech. That's a way to do a pretty big amount and still come out with the quality of rosin but leave them produce more some strains that get 35% back. I've even seen upper thirties. It's all good though beautiful stuff beautiful medicine just wanted to add a little bit in case somebody wanted to make more. best thing all the people that smoke wax could do for the country! Is tell people stop blasting butane.

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