How Weed is Saving A Dying Desert Town

The cannabis industry has boomed in the past year. See how the marijuana industry saved this small town in California. Subscribe to Cheddar on YouTube: …


  1. if you spend years convicting people for using cannabis you shouldnt be allowed to profit off it. he got a job title in the hospital just to sign off on his own government shinanigans.. how is that legal at all? im all pro-cannabis but people like this should be left in the dust. good for the towns people..but fuck that mayor.

  2. I have been battling cancer and I am strung out on opiates in a state where marijuana is treated like herion by the police.
    I moved to the bible belt when my only relative became to ill to care for himself. I developed cancer and had to try numerous opiates before finding one that worked.
    I found one that would last long enough in my system- and would not mess me up so bad that i could not function. It was methadone.
    12 years later, and ks is yet to legalize marijuana.
    I am unaable to eat, and
    dying. My system is so weak that to wind up going into methadone withdrawal would kill me.
    To get tossed in jail trying to score bud could kill me, and the person i take care of too.
    I see people smoking weed who are not even sick – and I can't help but
    feel angry..

  3. If you're going to cover this topic then at least use the correct name Cannabis. The term "Marijuana" was popularized during the War on Drugs, largely as a means to demonize the plant by using a Spanish sounding name to associate it with negative stigma towards Latin Americans.

  4. Are you guys just going to ignore how much Reno Nevada is growing because of Tesla and pot? We are generating so much state revenue and in a few years we will have more people than Las Vegas. Not to mention how many Californians are moving here to Reno

  5. I don't know why, but I feel like Joanne, the narrator had some issues, or not in her best state while recording this. She finally got into gear at the end there.

    I'm probably biased, or was thinking too much. But in any case, if you are facing any difficulties, Joanne, hang in there <3

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