How will KS handle MO's new medical pot law?

Now that Missouri has voted to legalize medical marijuana, what will those with legal prescriptions need to know when going into Kansas?


  1. Kansas again is DUMB for not legalizing marijuana when its 3 surrounding states have already,Kansas has some of the highest tax rates in the country due to their stupidity,Colorado,Oklahoma and Missouri are ALL raking in millions and millions of dollars in tax from weed while Kansas chooses to tax its citizens to death because of its ignorance,there are MANY people who are enjoying a smoke right now in Kansas but Kansas is NOT enjoying the tax from it or the businesses..the DEALER is. Didn't Kansas elect a DEMOCRAT governor,I thought Democrats were "progressive" and all for the legalization?

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  3. I live in Oklahoma and got my medical card but live 10 min from Kansas. Got charged with a year probation in Kansas for an argument on a phone. Now I have to pee for them. They gave me 40 days to get clean, it’s still in my system and now I have to serve a year in jail for having weed in my body

  4. its a plant, how do you make nature against the law? isnt that like saying God made a mistake? like he looked down on the 7th day and thought "oh my me! i left pot everywhere! that might give humans the impression they're supposed to USE it… now i have to create republicans. and god wept"

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