I Quit Smoking Weed and the Results BLEW MY MIND (PART II)

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  1. Hey man. 17 years old here watching your videos. I also joined your group in hopes it will help me on my journey. My goal is to get rid of the 5 biggest habits that hold me back: smoking weed, vaping nicotine, watching porn, too much internet use, and consuming caffeine. I made it 1 month and felt amazing but am now back into my habits heavy. So even though it's not recommended to go coldTurkey, I'm shooting for another attempt. Very motivational listening to your videos and you seem like a humble and cool dude. So props to you, best of luck on your jourrney!

  2. The reason you always double you're income when quitting weed is because you are worth double when sober I did this within a year on accident I would work so hard while sober it was so easy to go to work and just get things done I now doubled my income and have my own place

  3. My dreams are crazy. Fasting makes your dreams more lucid. Ramanujan got a lot of his solutions from his dreams. Weed dumbs me down for about 2 weeks, I think it suppresses something in my brain that is used for abstraction and math.

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