I Took Maca Root For 1 Mo & This Happened – SIDE EFFECTS (Bigger Boobs, High Libido, Missed ??!)

OPEN ME!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this I Took Maca Root For 1 Mo & This Is What Happened – WARNING: Side Effects (Bigger Boobs & Butt, Increased Libido, …


  1. I just started to take maca powder cuz of health benefits and it contains B12 which I need cuz I am vegan. I don't want to gain weight.. Can someone pls explain how do you gain weight with that?

  2. I just want to say that from a professional stand point, Maca Root does interfere with you hormones only to correct it. There are alot of processed foods, medicines, surgical procedures, and lack of nutrients that cause female hormones to go out of wack. If anyone has concerns about trying this, consult a Endocrinologist or gynecologist. Not an Obstetrician; different expertise and specialties, and some specialists do not have good patient rapport, unless they have referred patients to Urogynecologists.

  3. When I started taking maca, i used to take 2 capsules in the morning, after food, before food I used to have diarrhea. I was having constant blackouts, headache, so I changed my dosage to 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon. Have I gained any weight noooo I have lost weight.

  4. U was supposed to take powder instead of capsules …. Powder does help to boost energy ,gain weight ,helps in depression n those other things they it does help …..and they even say it does not help to gain weight necessarily ……

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