I Tried A CBD Manicure & Pedicure!

This video is not sponsored! The gift at the end is just a little present for you BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! In this video, I tried a CBD manicure and pedicure infused with …


  1. I've never tried CBD but when I get my Christmas ounce each year I smoke like 5 joints a day for a while and I give everyone around me a spot in rotation. I'll even hand over my jar if I trust em, let em roll some up. But I don't smoke any other time of year, the winter is just the perfect time to get fucky, Christmas lights, cozied up under a comforter with some good old fashion skin on skin contact by the fire. It gets cold in Missouri, wouldn't mind spending a winter in Alaska with the right lassie to be honest, cabin fever.

  2. Sky Life I'm a big fan of CBD. I take it every other day or 2. It's helped with my anxiety levels. I've also recently started doing Wim Hof breathing technique and cold showers. Feel refreshed and energetic lately.

  3. Wow CBD? That's odd, I've never heard of it before ? Fr though, what an awesome and unique application of CBD! Plus, it looks really comfortable! Always a pleasure to watch your amazing videos!

  4. 25mg in a chocolate is a lot. Low dose in a oral dose is 10mg, 20+mg is a bigger dose. So all you was feeling was the CBD from chocolate. I dont think that they know how much CBD they have to put in the beauty products to being absorbed properly by the skin. An maybe through the skin it is not absorbed. Who knows

  5. I’m sorry… this looks like any other mani pedi but they give you chocolate. 25mg isolate in the chocolate + a massage is definitely going to relax you. So just eat that chocolate before a normal massage.

  6. I have made a few videos about cbd. Trying different forms and brands. And it doesn’t work for me. In fact, some of them make my anxiety worse. So imma leave that alone.

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