1. Jheeeze! looking alla bisto bro ? love the way you got this tent set up! ? .. its not letting me DM you on ig bro for some mad reason. Do you have DM's set to private?
    anyhow I hope your well mate! ?

  2. Awesome As Ever Broski! Hella Nice! Love your GrowsRoom to Death! That's Dope to hang a Light from the Side like that! Perpetual Bliss underway and I'm here to say your Slaying It! Totally Tight Ninja! Great Job! Cheers!!! Much Props and Much Love!????????????????✊?✌

  3. AJ my dude wassup my man! Looking super fiaaahh man! Aj got it growing on my man.Looks fuckin sick bro,super stoked for ya AJ! Have a great day and a beter tomorrow man! Catch yall growmies on that there flipside mang! Peace Richy Rich out!

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