Industrial Cannabis is a SuperCrop: Here's How We Can Use It | Sumit Shah | TEDxHRCollege

Sumit Shah talks about sustainable production of goods using bio-based materials and its importance in turning our linear economy into a circular economy, with …


  1. Best Wishes to All for 2020 Try networking with these people in order to sell more of your hemp products (they are on You Tube with their own channels, or as guests on these channels) 1. 'Living Big in a Tiny House' with Bryce Langston 2. 'Tiny House Expedition' couple travels to tour Tiny Houses on July 3, 2019 in Washington D.C. 'American Tiny House Association' meet up with many going inside to see Tiny Houses up close. They have a long documentary, parts one and two, 'Tiny House Communities, How to do it Legally' in a number of states of the USA. 3. Tiny House Tours 4. Tiny House Giant Journey 5. FlorB 6. Jarrod Tocci van builds 7. the best: 'Hobbit Van' with a wind generator for electricity when the sun goes down, built by an Olympic canoe racer traveling across Europe to race in rivers. Every vehicle and home should, ideally, have a wind generator. The UK has a small company that sells them on You Tube. 8. Bernie Sanders 'Green New Deal' is your best candidate for your Bombay Hemp Company imports or exports. 9. Consider typing in subtitles in every language for this speech and creating a free, online kindergarten through college online 'home school.' 10, The search engine called ecosia plants a tree in Africa for every search. They might help your business. 11. Try getting funding, etc., from the new group called Resource Generation interviewed in the October 2019 online magazine called 'Town and Country.' If you involve them in your planning and decision making meetings they may be more willing to fund specific projects. Also, if you involve them (with permission) in quality photo sessions that they can show their family and friends 'I helped make this project happen,' it may help increase your funding chances. The same goes with any other non profit funding organization.

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