Inside My Beauty Closet: Skincare + Body Must-Haves | #NotAnAd |Jen Atkin

GIVEAWAY BELOW*** The One With… my must-have skincare + body products! Let me know in the comments if you guys use any of these and tell me your favs …


  1. I just turned 50. A young guy at the gym was guessing women’s ages (never a good game) and guessed I was in my mid to late forties. Shoot! Whatever…I’ll take it. ???

  2. I passed a red light and a cop was just behind me when that happened. Pulled over waiting for the cop to give me a ticket she asked me if I was ok and to be careful driving, but no ticket. I hope something amazing happens to her she really made my week.

  3. while some of these are really great and do work, there is also too much pseudo science in many of these crazy overprices items. Hydroquinone is not considered that safe anymore (in epione's product), it is actually banned in the EU already and is linked to triggering cancer. Also hyaluroic acid (in the $300 serum) does not replenish moisture, all hyaluronic acid does is kEEP the moisture and prevent is from leaving your skin surface, which is certainly different than ''replenishing' it. Good moisture replenisher is , for example squalane and some oils.

  4. Epione’s cream has Clindamycin which is used to treat acne! I use a Clindamycin solution and works a charm for breakouts. Also hydrocortisone long term can thin skin so be careful 🙂 His ingredients in the firm and fade are similar to SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense but without the prescription meds.

  5. Hi Jen, love this video, really informative and a great reference point for the future when I’m looking for good skincare products. Thank you. Something nice that happened to me this week is I got to hang out with my nephew. He lives abroad and so I cherish every moment I get to spend time with him ?

  6. Do women really need all these expensive chemicals? How about CANCER? I am a woman too before you come at me. Just think its ridiculous that most people who want to be rich are rich just to afford these meaningless things.

  7. A french skincare brand found my Instagram profile and asked me to come to their studio to shoot the campaign for their new products ! I had never been in front of a camera before and I'm far from being a model but that was so much fun ! It's a pretty big, well-known brand and everybody was so sweet, encouraging me and congratulating all the models all th time ! such a great experience !

  8. I love that you are showing Verso and Chantecaille!! I adore them! The Verso antioxidant serum is everything, and the Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate is Botox in a bottle!!

  9. I got one of my developmentally disabled clients his dream job? He has autism and is non-verbal but knows everything people say and every day when he gets dropped off to work he skips all the way into the door! I also discovered your channel but too late for giveaway ?

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