Is Nicotine Salt Safe? What is Salt Nic?

What are Nicotine Salts? Is Salt Nic Safe? Nicotine salts are comprised of the same exact nicotine that’s found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf.


  1. Great video, first one I have seen and now I am going to dive into your archives. You seem like the exact…and I mean EXACT same type of vapor as me, that being said I hated pod systems but the nic salts just help keep the cigarettes at bay then I found it…you have to try this device. It goes 2-3 days with out charging, 2-3 days on a tank of juice and it just packs the most cigarette like MTL feel for me and if I am right about us being the same vapor user, this will be your jam too. Try the Vandy Vape Berserker MTL Kit. At $30 its worth it to just try it. Just normal freebase, I couldn't fully kick smoking even with the pods and nic salts the same thing although it was reduced more. The minute I got this kit, not one single craving for a smoke and I can finally say I am smoke free after 31 years and there's no way I will ever go back. Victorious vaping for all. Keep the videos coming, you got a real talent for it.

  2. Any opinions on vegetable glycerin? I quit vaping juul recently because of the high price and switched to a newer cheaper brand called puff bar the two ingredients that were different than juul are salt nic and vegetable glycerin. The flavors are nice and they hit well but I don’t want to put a random chemical in my body that could be potentially harmful. Any input would be appreciated thanks!!

  3. Great explaination thanks' just one question can i mix 35mg salt e juice 50 50 to 70 30 eliquid 0% nicotina so i can lower the nicotine! The reason why im asking you its i have an orion and its imposible for me to use it with 35 mg salt nic and i hope i can lower down the nic some how! Anyway thanks and i hope i explain my self

  4. I used to use the salt juice and because I tend to exhale through my nose, I developed sti's under both of my eyes (under the water line). They got big and full of pus. I had to have them lanced. Was given antibiotic ointment. I through away my juice and the device I vaped with. I never developed more.
    I loved vaping. I stopped cold Turkey.
    I hope this doesn't happen to any of you.
    If you haven't experienced this then vape on!!! Happy trails to you all.

  5. I know people who vape 50 salts out of big vapes though, while talking massive clouds. Typically when someone upgrades from their juu without knowing the difference l – they go back to the same dosage even if the wattage is different. That's probably way too much, right?

  6. Great video , I've been mixing for a few year's and am looking for a better vape .
    Found salt nic and it sound perfect for what I'm looking for , just need to find better
    Flavor , it seems to get weaker every day .

  7. Ok but can I just say this was so relaxing to watch, I subbed right after. I’m not even a rigorous vaper but this was so intriguing and now I’m looking into swapping out my old e-juices for salt-nic based one. Cheers!

  8. So glad an intellectual made an informative video about e juice and nicotine salt. So sick of everybody feeding into all the propaganda popcorn lung bullsh*%. People smoking cigarettes trying to tell me I'm gonna die from vaping when I've been doing it 10 years lol.

  9. I stopped smoking this January 5 2019 and started vaping. I use nicotine drops to because it's difficult to find high nic content juice here in the Philippines on the flavor I want. I use nicotine drops to stop my cravings for cigarettes, since my body is addicted to nicotine from cigarettes and to satisfy the cravings by using vape.

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