Is There Lead In Your Vape? California Wants to Know | MERRY JANE NEWS

It may be true that many heavy metal fans love smoking weed, but that love only goes one way. Weed fans do NOT love smoking heavy metals.And there is one …


  1. Someone get this bitch a mf comb ? lol

    And yes toxic metals are pretty much in ALL vape cartridges and since the distillate is made using a solvent it leaches said toxins easier… I think

  2. Live in Michigan we passed Legal Recreational MMJ back last Nov. And STILL CANT LEGALLY BUY IT. No Rec Weed Shops have Opened yet and now Gas prices are going up to Help repair Roads from this Brutal Winter ( Neg 35 this week wind chill Neg 15 actual Temp). What legalize Weed and yet we cant even Buy it so You can Tax it. Fuckn Waste of Resources imo

  3. * WOW someone listen UP * I love my herb..BUT!
    This new seedless "medical marijuana"? Huh.. How do you grow something with no seeds?! Oh! you clone it from clones, cross breed it…Oranges, grapes, and other foods and stuff that grow in nature with seeds are great for you. Tress and flowers From the earth ( seeds, sun and water).. But then its GMO! it has no seeds to grow from. Right! Wake up people. The seeds give the plant natural information of what it is supposed to do, for its purpose. Yes it is a herb that helps when ingested (how ever it may be). But think people! Ha, i would rather pick out seeds from a bud i know its real. Its a art to the herd, a basic formula. This has nothing to do with female plants and male plants, its the PURITY of the plant. (End product natural grown) Why does it NEED to be altered?
    -Fast food is to real organic plants and vegetables
    -GMO 'MD'weed is to natural grown Marijuana herb.
    Quick to grow and quick to roll up or how ever. Easy to make legalized. Easy to alter and make money off of. EASY TO PUT CHEMICALS AND LONG TERM PROBLEMS IN THE BODY..
    How addicting is this new marijuana than how marijuana use to be?? Because its not the same, and not in a good way. Check your tolerance much?? Need more bud or shorter high.. or just to high..think about it and do your own research.. There is a patent on certain seed strains Google it..
    -Peace, Love, Think.,

  4. I can't wait till the THC percentages in CA flowers start getting consistent testing, glad that CA has some pretty great testing of our products.

    I've been super happy with the quality of recreational weed since the switch from medical only, my main problem is that I can't get ahold of the dosages I need for pain now that it's recreational.

    I used to be able to get a 300mg THC hemp milk shot dose and now I am lucky to find anything at a dispensary that has 100mg in a single dose. If I didn't get a VA discount, marijuana wouldn't be nearly as affordable as a replacement to Percocet and Valium >.>

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