J Prince talks History of How he built Rap-A-Lot, Son Discovers Drake, and New Book Details Ep 88

J Prince talks history of how he built Rap-A-Lot, Son Discovers Drake, and Detail About his Book ▻ For everything BossLife: www.bosslifeworld.com ▻ The …


  1. J Prince has been soild from the getty up. Facts he set the blue print from a lot of people in this rap business. Slim Thug this was an excellent idea to share stories like these .

  2. Much respect to slim and j Prince Texas finest yeah both had a big impact on the music industry and doing it independently✌️,& love to everyone on up there I support all my black people that trying to do positive things

  3. J. Prince is one of the few people I want to meet and get advice from or just listen too. I would do an intern list for the knowledge. Quiet and respected legend. He should make a movie call the Real Blueprint. Been in the game x amount of years and still standing tall.

  4. Somebody please tell Jprince to come MISSISSIPPI and speak to the Gs of MDOC to stop the violence GS dieng for nothing we I acrisis need some out AA and influence Gs Ain't growing they dieng and catching new charges for nothing where at G

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