Joel McHale struggled through The Soup with dyslexia!

Comedian Joel McHale hikes with Kevin Nealon in a Los Angeles canyon. Joel chats about the shock of Kobe Bryant’s passing, being cynical, never being …


  1. Joel, have you done a PSA for kids with dyslexia? Would you consider it? Living with that anxiety, learning to cope and being successful anyway is something these kids need to hear…often.

  2. Joel got his start & was fantastic on a local comedy sketch show in Seattle (pre-hipster PC revolution!) Almost Live which was every bit as good as SNL. In fact my best friend used to record them & send them to his sister back in NYNY where she'd host parties for her rich friends LOL! Many of the local metal musicians who later exploded in the Grunge scene were regulars on The Lame List! Loved seeing Kevin interviewing him!

  3. FUN FACT FOR KEVIN: Like all mammals, humans are a diploid eukaryotic species.
    Species: H. sapiens
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Order: Primates
    Humans ARE animals…so you have been attacked by an animal.

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