Lady Gaga Talks Mental Health With Oprah

Kicking off Oprah Winfrey’s “2020 Vision” tour, Lady Gaga tackles the topic of mental health, saying she wants to “erase the stigma around treating mental health …


  1. STOP GIVING CELEBRITIES PLATFORMS TO SPREAD FALSE INFORMATION. Primary care physicians absolutely SHOULD be prescribing antidepressants, as should other trained professionals like nurse practitioners and PAs. Do not speak to things you are absolutely not educated on. If my primary care doctor hadn't prescribed me an SSRI, I probably wouldn't be here.

  2. Your primary care doctors can prescribe you antidepressants. But if the first or second antidepressant doesn’t help, your doctor may recommend that you see a psychiatrist who can better prescribe the medicines you need. This, however does not mean that you should not go to a primary care doctor about this issue, taking Lady Gaga’s advice can possibly be harmful to you.

  3. I'm happy for what she wants to do and once she is fully informed, she will help many people! ? thank you God for the vision you have given her and I know you will provide even more so that this will come through haha

  4. As someone who's struggled with the whole "meds/no meds" thing. I can say that from my perspective meds are not a cure, they are a treatment plan. They often come with negative drawbacks. I've gone the route of self care for over five years with bipolar and it's really got me to a better place. With meds we are content to say the problems gone when in reality it's just glossed over. I see people never solve the root issues of their depression and instead subscribe to self medicate for life and then wonder why they still suffer from depression despite taking the meds for years. Yes in many cases meds are a good choice, but it's through developing healthy mental tools and facility that we overcome mental illness.

  5. I do not trust big pharma.

    I was assigned 3 different psychiatrist at 3 different times. One put my on 50 prozac, didnt affect me, told me I have dysthymia.

    2nd therapist started EMDR treatment and had me on Wellbutrin. Myself and everyone was tired of the aggressive side affects. Then switched to zoloft which only made me feel numb.

    My third therapist asked what treatment I did before, I said yes I did EMDR. She gave me a weird look because she said that's only used for severe PTSD.

    My meds made me gain 40 lbs which I just lost after doing keto. It also rotted my two upper back molers.

    People want to judge, buy I can assure you medication isnt for everyone and Gaga isnt wrong for what she said.

  6. I can’t believe how many dumb people posted on this video? gaga is ? right. You should NEVER get anti depressants from a primary doctor because they’re not equipped to knowing which specific medicine each individual needs. They give you basic meds that make mental health worst. You need to see a professional psychiatrist to get evaluated

  7. Everybody knows you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO GET ANTI DEPRESSANTS FROM A PRIMARY DOCTOR. You’re supposed to get them from a psychiatrist who specializes in knowing exactly what medicine someone needs. Primary care give generic meds that are proven to make people worse. Any professional doctor knows that. Mike is not a professional doctor.

  8. I’m mean that’s great that your doing well, I’m proud of you for speaking out about it. But please don’t make medical judgments like that when your not a dr or health care professional. That may be your opinion but I’m sorry your wrong. GP’s (general practitioners, same this as family dr) can and should give out anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. They’ve known you for ages, they know how your body reacts to certain things and they know your mindset. If the problem is something they aren’t confident or qualified to deal with then yes refer you to a mental health specialist. But GP’s have extensive training on mental health. They are qualified and they know what they are doing. Trust in them.

  9. My physician prescribed me Buproprion because I was dealing with Anxiety and Depression that I mistook for Adult ADHD (which is just a symptom). it was the best decision I made in 2019. Also, GoodRX has been amazing for looking for lower prices!

  10. NEVER TAKE ANY PSYCH DRUGS LIKE BENZODIAZEPINES! THESE DRUGS ARE PURE POISON THE DEVIL IN A PILL. You can tell Lady Gaga is on something because she is talking slow and seems off, almost drugged up. If you want to come off a benzo please join or google the Ashton Manual. You are never supposed to change the chemicals in your brain that you are born with. Look into daily exercise (for depression) read the book SPARK by Dr. John Ratey and find a good doctor who will NOT medicate and alter the chemicals in your brain. If you want to come off an AD or a benzo you MUST TAPER OFF VERY SLOWLY to allow your brain to reverse all of the changes that it made when you took this medicine. Benzos should only be used short term such as 2-4 weeks NOT YEARS! Sadly I suffered a brain injury after being forced off cold turkey. SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yes, this… except for the part about primary care physicians prescribing mental health medication. They're perfectly qualified. In fact, my psychiatrist has explicitly said I can safely go to my PCP with more minor mental health problems, and only come to my psychiatrist with serious ones.

  12. If you seriously are taking medical advice from someone who does have 0 medical experience then I have two words for you: natural selection.

  13. Stop misinformation ,those medication has a lot of side effects if u don't need u shouldn't use it … it's unfortunate that we r listening to a celebrity and ignore some1 who studied decades

  14. Comments 1 week ago: OMG she is so brave and smart! Thank you for speaking up about mental health! I love Gaga so much!

    Comments 1day ago: she is so wrong! Dont spread wrong info! Listen to Dr.Mike!!!

  15. My doctor prescribed me an antidepressant, he knows I've had depression for at least 10 years and it started getting worse. He also referred me to a therapist at the same time, I trust my doctor and the therapist and don't think that I neccesarily need to see a psychiatrist. Many doctors are suited to prescribe medications, including for mental health.

  16. it doesnt matter what you have been through and what helped you, you are in no shape and authority giving medical advice.
    "Just go see your doctor"' Thats the most authoritarion word that should be coming out of your mouth.

  17. Most Everyone in the comments are here from Doctor mike. I agree with lady gaga, DOCTORS ARE NOT TRAINED THERAPIST! Yes, doctors know what some mental health diagnosis. However, they CAN NOT accurately diagnose someone! It takes several session and professional training to get a right mental health diagnosis. Due to doctors lack of training they may prescribe depression medication to a patient who says their “depressed” but maybe bi-polar and are currently in a “down swing”. If you are bi-polar and take depression medication (instead of a mood stabilizer), a majority end up EXTREMELY worse!

  18. DBT and therapists are incredibly important. Medicine is incredibly important. BUT PLEASE DO NOT THINK YOU NEED A PSYCHIATRIST TO PRESCRIBE YOUR MEDS. My family doctor is incredible, and I have never felt more "sane." Trust your doctor, if they are a good doctor.

  19. Last I checked mental illness was attributed to around 6 million. Stats are never really accurate when Pharmaceutical Companies have a bottom-line to think of. Even sadder still his how Autism has gone up over 600% in the last 25 years. This is not a natural occurrence. Never mind that, Toxoplasmosis has a side-effect of Bi_polar disorder and Schizophrenia. Do they test Mental Patients for Toxoplasmosis, Fuck no! But a lot of people have cats don't they, or dig around in the soil. Lisa Marie Presley stated in front of a Supreme Court during a hearing involving the death of a 13 year old, this being a pharmaceutical prescription case, that there is no test to determine a persons mental state. Just remember, your food source, that's the shit fucking with your head!

  20. 90% of the people who claim to be depressed are (just) sad
    Clinical depression is a mental illness that is NOT close the number they give, just like schizophrenia, is matter of fewer people

  21. Y'all ever find that celebrities feel more entitled that anyone else in the world to speak about shit they dont know. Never studied a decade of your life away, not close to a medical professional, but you feel entitled to be speaking about this. Like WHAT THE FUCK?

  22. Dude just because medication helped you does not mean everyone now with a mental illness should be on medication. You clearly have a severe case but now millions of people who medication will do more harm to is going to actively seek out medication. This is why you're not a doctor. Y'all ever find that celebrities feel more entitled that anyone else in the world to speak about shit they dont know. Never studied a decade of your life away but you feel entitled to be speaking about this. Like WHAT THE FUCK?

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